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Per Product Emails

Send product-specific emails after purchase to help improve customer experience and onboarding. Product-specific emails can be sent in addition to or replace the standard purchase receipt.
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Minimum requirements
WordPress  5.8
EDD  3.2.0
PHP  7.4
Current version: 2.0.0

Improve your customer onboarding with the Easy Digital Downloads Per Product Emails extension. Designed for precision and convenience, this tool enables store owners to create tailored email notifications for individual products, improving the customer experience with essential product-specific information.

Upon purchasing a specific item—let’s call it Product X—customers will receive a customized email concerning Product X. This ensures they receive all the information they need without cluttering their inbox. You can choose to only send the email for Product X, or send it in addition to the standard EDD Purchase Receipt.

Key Features:

  • Personalized Email Content: Give product-specific details to improve customer onboarding and experience with your products.
  • Effortless Testing: Verify the appearance and content of your custom emails easily with the “Send Test Email” option.
  • Control Email Deployment: Simple management with an intuitive interface. Add as many custom product emails as you need.
  • Dynamic Product Tagging: Utilize the {download_name} email tag in your subject line or email body to dynamically include the product name, ensuring each communication is appropriately personalized.

This extension simplifies administrative workflows and significantly enhances customer engagement by delivering tailored information that adds value to each purchase.