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Per Product Emails Documentation

EDD sends an email to the purchaser with every sale.
Per Product Emails allows you to additionally send a custom email for any given product.

installed and activated, you’ll find a new menu item called “Per Product Emails” under the Downloads menu in your WordPress dashboard (
Downloads → Per Product Emails). Once there you can click the
Add New button and you’ll find an interface exactly like the default email configuration tool in the EDD settings area.

On this same editor page you have the option to set an email to
Active or
Inactive once you save the page
. The email will send when the Status is set to
Active and it will not send if set back to
Once you have a custom email configured, you’ll be able to see it in an admin archive page which is located at
Downloads → Per Product Emails. If you hover over an item you’ll see a link to send a test email if needed.

This extension adds an option to disable the default receipt email and this can be found by navigating to
Downloads → Settings → Extensions.

Common Issues and FAQ

Product Variations

This extension does not support sending unique emails for product variations at this time.

Original Purchase Receipts

Easy Digital Downloads will send a purchase receipt as well as a custom email when Per Product Emails is active on a specific Download. You can disable this by checking the “Disable Standard Purchase Receipt” option in the settings area.

Multiple Downloads in the cart

Once custom emails have been configured, it will send a custom email for each item in the cart. For example, if you have configured emails for Product A and Product B and someone purchases both in the same transaction, the extension will send two custom emails – one for each product