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Restrict Content Pro Member Discounts

Allow discounts for subscribers in the Restrict Content Pro plugin.
Get access with an Personal Pass Easy Digital Downloads has everything you need to create your online store in minutes.

Current version: 1.1.5

The Member Discounts addon seamlessly integrates Easy Digital Downloads with Restrict Content Pro, empowering you to offer exclusive product discounts to your members. This addon allows you to create a dynamic discounting scheme that can apply to various membership levels within your organization.

Set up is simple: define discounts that automatically apply to all Easy Digital Downloads purchases for your members. You have the flexibility to tailor these discounts as needed—exclude certain products or categories to better align with your sales strategies.

Whether you’re looking to provide a 10% discount to “Platinum Level” subscribers on all store purchases or a 5% savings for “Gold Level” members, our Member Discounts extension makes customization effortless. Enhance your membership experience by rewarding your subscribers with valuable savings on their purchases.

This extension requires Restrict Content Pro, a separate plugin.