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A full-featured marketplace theme for Easy Digital Downloads.

Downloading this theme grants you a lifetime license for support and updates.

Current version: 1.2.7

Vendd is a full-featured marketplace theme for Easy Digital Downloads, supporting extensions, and other handy WordPress plugins. Built and designed by the EDD team, Vendd’s top priority is to help store owners get the most out of the EDD ecosystem.

Vendd Features

Vendd finds the perfect balance between giving you the options you need without overwhelming you with possibilities. Vendd’s features include (but are not limited to):

  • Design options like theme colors, a logo uploader, and site background customization built directly into the theme customizer
  • Choose between page-width or full-width HTML structures
  • Extended support for the EDD [downloads] shortcode – no Vendd-specific download configuration necessary
  • Page templates for common EDD and Frontend Submissions pages like a highly focused Checkout page, a members area template, and a redesigned FES vendor dashboard template.
  • Three built-in templates for full-width layouts, landing pages, and focused pages with centered content and no sidebar
  • Fully functional with or without EDD or FES installed – you are free to use Vendd as a simple blogging theme

These are just some of Vendd’s features.

Plugin Support

Vendd supports multiple plugins by default by adding page templates, styles, and template content when said plugins are activated. Here is a list of the currently supported plugins:

Because Vendd is a marketplace theme, it supports all extension in the Marketplace Bundle. With Vendd and the Marketplace Bundle, you can have a full-featured marketplace up and running in no time.