WePay Payment Gateway


WePay is a US based payment processor that allows you to process credit card and bank account payments for purchases through Easy Digital Downloads. Learn more about WePay.

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With crystal clear pricing, 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction, no contracts, no monthly fees, and no hidden fees, WePay is an excellent choice for processing payments for your business.

Note: WePay’s TOS does not allow the sell of digital goods.


Version 1.0.10, November 16, 2015

  • Fixed bug with processing payments over 1,000

Version 1.0.9, November 5, 2015

  • Fixed bug with processing preapprovals over 1,000

Version 1.0.8, October 12, 2015

  • Fixed a bug with preapproval processing failing due to changes in WePay API

Version 1.0.7, June 26, 2014

  • Fixed a bug that caused a white screen error if an invalid card number was entered
  • Fixed a bug that caused onsite payments to not be confirmed if default permalinks are used

Version 1.0.6, October 15, 2013
Fixed a second issue with detecting test mode correctly.

Version 1.0.5
Fixed an issue with detecting test mode correctly.

Version 1.0.4
Fixed an issue with the credit card create endpoint going to the wrong mode (test vs live).

Version 1.0.3
Made a few improvements in order to support Crowd Funding.

Version 1.0.2
Removed an if( empty() ) check to fix a compatibility issue with Crowd Funding.

Version 1.0.1
Fixed some compatibility with EDD v1.6.

Version 1.0
Initial release.

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