At Easy Digital Downloads, we believe in simplicity and we’ve built this plugin to make it super easy to sell downloads. Our code is beautiful and we provide a clean and easy to use interface.

Sell Downloads Easily

Easy Digital Downloads offers the easiest solution available for WordPress to sell your digital downloads.

Slim but Powerful

Unlike so many eCommerce plugins, Easy Digital Downloads suffers no feature bloat, but provides everything that you do need for selling your downloads.

Completely Free

Easy Digital Downloads is 100% free to use with no license restrictions or expensive download costs. Sell your downloads without spending a dime.

State-of-the-Art Cart System

Let your users purchase multiple downloads at once with the included shopping cart. Everything using AJAX for a super smooth experience without having to refresh your page.

Discount Codes

Offer promotional codes to encourage users to buy more! Discounts can be offered as set or percentage based amounts, and include options for auto expiration and maximum uses.

Accept Payment through a Variety of Ways

Accept payments through a variety of payment gateways, including Stripe and PayPal. Add on gateways are being constantly developed to make it easy for everyone to get paid.

Customer Area

We all love our customers. The plugin comes with a built-in customer area so your users can easy re-download files and keep track their purchases.

Best Reporting in the Industry

We’ve built reports straight into the plugin and the graphs are beautiful. There’s a detailed sales and earnings graph so that you can visually see how well your digital downloads are doing. There’s also monthly earning and we’ve used our clever brains to write code so that you can even see your projected earnings. Nifty, eh?

Easily Track Payments

Comes with a complete Payment History system so that you can easily see every purchase that has ever been made, and includes the ability to edit purchases.

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With over 300,000 downloads, we got your back...

We have some a lot of happy customers and here's what some are saying:

After struggling with obtuse, poorly documented plugins, some of which I paid good money for, I just downloaded and implemented EDD in no time, with the help of great documentation and an intuitive UI.

Bovine Design SC

Easy Digital Downloads was extremely easy to use and set up, plus it met my needs perfectly. It gets to the point with the options and doesn’t give me a bunch of features I don’t need. Other e-commerce plugins I’ve tried take hours to set up and are too convoluted for my purposes. EDD had my store up in no time, with no stress

Jake Caputo