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After a month long beta period, Easy Digital Downloads 2.8 has finally arrived! This most recent version of Easy Digital Downloads closes nearly 60 issues including 18 bugs and 34 enhancements, many of them refining some of the core behavior of the platform.

Improved variable pricing

If you run an EDD store using extensions that add fields and options to the variable pricing, you’ve likely seen something like this when editing a download:

The old variable pricing display with Recurring Payments and Software Licensing enabled

In version 2.8, the variable pricing rows have been completely rewritten to be more flexible and scale with most screen sizes. And the best part, it’s backwards compatible. This means that extensions using the existing hooks and filters will work seamlessly with the 2.8 release.

The new variable pricing display with Recurring Payments and Software Licensing enabled

Developers: See this doc on how you can integrate with the new variable pricing rows.

Performance improvements

With every release, we strive to improve the speed and stability of Easy Digital Downloads. There are a few of items resolved in Easy Digital Downloads 2.8 that should bring better performance to your store:

  • Moved registered JavaScript files to the footer
  • Moved to document.body where possible for jQuery selectors
  • Added EDD_Customer_Query to make getting customers easier and more efficient
  • Prevented a duplicate call to get customer notes when instantiating EDD_Customer

Purchase button quantity improvements

When selling products that support quantities, the purchase button will now update the price to match that of the quantity entered by the customer:

We’ve written this feature in such a way that it is flexible enough to work on most themes without any changes needed by theme and plugin developers.

This feature had to be reverted and was removed in version 2.8.1. We’ll be re-adding it after we can make some changes to improve backwards compatibility with customizations that were unforeseen.

Filter payments by gateway

From time to time, it’s useful to view payments made through a specific gateway. In Easy Digital Downloads 2.8, you now have the ability to choose a gateway and filter the Payments list table by the chosen gateway.

These improvements, along with more than 20 other minor improvements and 18 bug fixes, help to make Easy Digital Downloads better than ever before. The complete changelog for 2.8 can be viewed here.

The update for version 2.8 is available today and can be installed directly from your WordPress admin’s Plugins page.

Using WordPress and want to get Easy Digital Downloads for free?

Enter the URL to your WordPress website to install.

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  1. Chris Klosowski
    1. Chris Klosowski
  2. Chris Klosowski
    1. Chris Klosowski

      I am not sure they have control of the pricing of all their extensions (I may be wrong). It may be up to the author. In some cases, there may be lock-in. However, if it were to get too out of hand, someone would come along and offer something cheaper I think. In general though, you just have to pay for quality development.

  3. Chris Klosowski

    I used to have to be awake to send draft emails with google links to digital products when my customers paid but this system offers a fully automated digital payment and delivery system while you sleep. Whaaaat! Thanks guys – you are awesome!

    1. Chris Klosowski

      I feel for any person that resorted to this ;). Originally I built my own order system, then migrated to EDD. The migration was not easy, BUT well worth it. One less subsystem to manage.

  4. Chris Klosowski

    Great update as always EDD team. Quick question, could you explain how moving to “document.body” for query selectors improve performance?

  5. Chris Klosowski
    1. Chris Klosowski

      Especially appreciate the variable pricing download page improvements. Man it was hard to follow before ;). Thanks again.

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