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Easy Digital Downloads v1.4.1 has been released today, and it has a lot of really great changes and improvements.

NOTE: If you use the PayPal Pro / Express extension, you must upgrade it to v1.3 in order to fully use Easy Digital Downloads v1.4.1. If you do not upgrade, discount codes will not work.

The most significant changes made in this release have to do with the discount and tax systems behind the scenes. We’ve been busy dramatically improving the infrastructure of both systems so that we can introduce some really, really cool new features in the upcoming releases. One of the changes that will be most noticeable is the Discount field on the checkout screen. you might notice that there is no longer a “Apply Discount” link; this is because discounts are automatically applied as soon as the customer focuses out of the discount field. This should significantly improve the customer’s checkout experience, especially with the added visual elements we’ve added to the checkout screen that show the amount of the discount just above the cart total.

If you have problems with discounts in EDD v1.4.1, please get help here.

Complete list of updates:

  • New: Added PayPal Page Style Support
  • New: Added .apk support (props @chriscct7)
  • New: Added debug_backtrace to deprecated functions (props @chriscct7)
  • New: Store Discount ID in Payment Meta
  • New: Upgrade [download_discounts] for new CPT
  • New: Show Payment Notes on View Order Details
  • New: Made Discount Edit & Add screens extensible
  • New: Store Discounted Amount in Cart Details via Ajax
  • New: Ability to set own error class/classes in edd_print_errors() function
  • New: Add support for .apk (props @chriscct7)
  • Tweak: Use AJAX & session with ‘local residents only’
  • Tweak: Ajax Local Tax Opt-In
  • Tweak: Refractor edd_process_profile_editor_updates()
  • Tweak: Updated Manual Travis instructions (props @chriscct7)
  • Tweak: Better error reporting for usernames with uppercase letters.
  • Tweak: Post save/update messages now can be translated (props @chriscct7)
  • Tweak: Changelogs cleaned up (props @chriscct7)
  • Tweak: Spaces in Download File Names May Cause 404
  • Tweak: Remove Bullets from Default Email Template
  • Tweak: Paginate Payment / Download History Short Codes
  • Tweak: Convert Discount Admin Page to WP List Table
  • Tweak: Moved the new edit profile form into templates folder
  • Tweak: Removed cache_results query arg from sales widget
  • Tweak: Change “Enter title here” field to “Enter download title here” in add/edit download page
  • Tweak: Don’t Show Discount if None was Used on [edd_receipt]
  • Tweak: Remove Subtotal and Taxes if Taxes Disabled [edd_receipt]
  • Tweak: Payment Notes Showing Up in Comment Streams
  • Fix: Pagination Not Working Fully on File Download Logs
  • Fix: New option to make Supercache compatible with EDD (props @chriscct7)
  • Fix: Flat Rate Discounts Not Working Correctly
  • Fix: Discount Start Dates Defaulting to Current Day
  • Fix: Download System Info button added
  • Fix: Pagination of [purchase_history] and [download_history] (props @chriscct7)
  • Fix: Number format error when no price entered
  • Fix: Last Month Dashboard Widget Incorrect For January
  • Fix: Calculate the tax price in edd_get_cart_content_details() when tax inclusive
  • Fix: Validate Checkout
  • Fix: File Download Count for Customer Reports is Failing
  • Fix: Double Click Required for Purchase
  • Fix: PayPal Post giving wrong URL
  • Fix: Issue with new Payment History
  • Fix: PHP warnings and notices on individual download page
  • Fix: Tax Calculation Doesn’t Respect Discounts
  • Fix: Whitescreen after checkout
  • Fix: An issue with the checkout page on sites with HTTPS and PayPal Standard

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