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EDD version 1.9.5 has just been released to the world! This release includes numerous minor bug fixes and several significant performance improvements, as well as a couple of more severe bug fixes.

While this is considered a minor “point” release, we made a significant number of changes, which you can see in the change log below:

* Fix: Total customer count not showing in Customer Reports
* Fix: Pagination not working in Customer Reports
* Fix: Custom date ranges greater than 3 months should query by month, not day
* Fix: .required class not added to input fields when fields are required
* Fix: Non published Downloads not deleted on uninstall
* Fix: Taxes not properly calculated for logged-out customers
* Fix: Dashboard earnings summary widget uses “edit_pages” capability instead of “view_shop_reports”
* Fix: Restored functionality of edd_get_purchase_download_links() function
* Fix: Resend Purchase Receipt button shouldn’t show on non-complete purchases
* Fix: Product drop down doesn’t show all products
* Fix: Item amounts not shown correctly in Order Details when using item quantities
* Fix: Cart fees not removed when cart is empty
* Fix: {billing_address} email tag returns empty string
* Fix: Updated missing language files
* Fix: Selecting same month for start and end date with custom date ranges results in a 12 month spread
* Fix: Admin sale notification email has not formatting
* Fix: Cart sessions loaded in the wp-admin when they shouldn’t be
* Fix: Pages drop downs in settings cause all pages to be queried on every wp-admin page
* Fix: Format total sales correctly in Reports
* Fix: Incorrect variable name in edd_get_cart_item_final_price()

* Tweak: Dramatic performance improvement to payment queries throughout the admin
* Tweak: Rework edd_get_earnings_by_date() to be much more performant
* Tweak: Rework edd_get_total_earnings() to be much more performant
* Tweak: Rework EDD_Payment_Stats::get_earnings() to be much more performant
* Tweak: Removed Files Downloaded count from customer reports due to it being too expensive
* Tweak: Rework edd_get_purchase_stats_by_user() to be much more performant
* Tweak: Only filter wp_count_comments() when on the Dashboard to create less performance impact on wp-admin
* Tweak: Remove plaintext password from new user notification email
* Tweak: Increase refresh time from 5 to 8 seconds when returning from PayPal to give PayPal IPN longer to complete
* Tweak: Better separation of sections in settings
* Tweak: Optimized all images to reduce footprint
* Tweak: Removed Purchase History widget as it has never worked and is never used
* Tweak: Send billing address to PayPal
* Tweak: Change all purchase buttons on page of product to Checkout when one is clicked

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  1. Pippin Williamson

    Hi, thank for made great plugin…
    I just upgrade to 1.9.5 but error..
    I use with fundler-theme, may I download the previous version ? and where …
    Best Regards,
    suwat p

    1. Pippin Williamson
      1. Pippin Williamson
        1. Pippin Williamson
  2. Pippin Williamson
    1. Pippin Williamson

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