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Easy Digital Downloads version 1.9.9 has just been released to the world. This release has been in the works for two months and includes a large number of small improvements and minor bug fixes.

1.9.9 includes several new action hooks and filters that will be useful for developers, including edd_get_variable_prices, edd_is_success_page, and several others.

For users, one of the primary aspects of this version that many will notice is greater stability, improved performance in several areas of the plugin, and better caching plugin compatibility.

While is update has made only minor changes to features and functionality, it is still strongly required that you perform a full site backup before installing the update. If you encounter any issues pre or post update, please let us know in the support forums.

This release contains over 56 bug fixes and improvements.

The complete list of changes:

  • New: Added a JS trigger for when the cart quantity is updated
  • New: Added a CSS class name to the download file URL on purchase confirmation
  • New: Introduced an edd_is_success_page() function
  • New: Introduced a filter on the edd_get_variable_prices() function
  • New: Added Offer markup
  • New: Added edd_get_sales_args filter
  • New: Added edd_get_cart_content_details_item_discount_amount filter
  • New: Added edd_get_cart_item_tax_item_discount_amount filter
  • Tweak: Added $payment_id to the edd_email_receipt_download_title filter
  • Tweak: Added a break after the country select field on checkout
  • Tweak: Removed direct call to wp_enqueu_script( ‘jquery’ ) since it is loaded as a dependency
  • Tweak: Improved the Dashboard summary widget layout
  • Tweak: Improve column width of the Downloads table
  • Tweak: Updated language files
  • Tweak: Limit payment counts by start and end date
  • Tweak: Improved spacing in payment history
  • Tweak: Removed nonce fields from front-end ajax requests
  • Fix: Allow remove from cart button to work within ajax calls
  • Fix: Properly format sale numbers for Total Sales stats
  • Fix: Remove all custom taxonomies and terms during uninstall
  • Fix: Improper HTML for text fields through EDD_HTML_Elements class
  • Fix: Improper HTML for checkbox fields through EDD_HTML_Elements class
  • Fix: Broken cache key in EDD_Payment_Stats
  • Fix: Properly account for when global $post isn’t available in edd_get_purchase_link()
  • Fix: Cart quantity could go negative, that’s silly
  • Fix: Deprecated notices from usage of wp_editor() with WordPress 3.9
  • Fix: Improper cursor behavior on Dashboard widgets
  • Fix: Broken payment method icons on checkout
  • Fix: Deprecated notice with $wpdb->escape()
  • Fix: Do not retrieve user if no key is set in EDD_API
  • Fix: Fatal error when installing EDD via WP CLI
  • Fix: Typo in Australian states function
  • Fix: Undefined index in edd_count_purchases_of_customer()
  • Fix: InlineEditPost JS error
  • Fix: JS error in IE
  • Fix: Improper formatting of New Zealand currency
  • Fix: Improper verification of Serbian zip codes
  • Fix: No validation on logged-in user’s email addresses during checkout
  • Fix: Improper slash in PayPal IPN URL
  • Fix: Ajax product drop down search doesn’t return all found products
  • Fix: File downloads get named as “index.php” on Android devices
  • Fix: Duplicate field ID in card state and card country fields
  • Fix: Strings in Discounts admin not able to be translated
  • Fix: Empty carts with FORCE_SSL_ADMIN set to true
  • Fix: Tax improperly applied to countries not included in tax rules
  • Fix: Unable to override global file download limit option
  • Fix: Don’t load scripts in admin except when needed
  • Fix: Payment method icons fail on Microsoft-IIS servers
  • Fix: Incorrect stats with Custom date ranges on reports
  • Fix: edd_get_chosen_gateway() doesn’t respect default gateway

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