Subscribe customers to Mail Chimp Email lists during checkout.

This extension integrates your Easy Digital Downloads store with MailChimp and provides access to MailChimp’s extensive eCommerce automation features.

Through this extension you can automatically subscribe customers to specific lists and groups based the item(s) they have purchased. You can also allow customers to opt themselves into a list subscription during checkout, and you can choose to enable or disable double opt-in for email subscriptions.

With complete support for MailChimp’s eCommerce tracking, this extension also provides you with access to the eCommerce reports and automation tools inside of your MailChimp account.

Pair MailChimp with Free Downloads to grow your email list

This MailChimp extension is fully integrated with our Free Downloads extension, making it even easier to grow your email list rapidly.

Complete features

  • Subscribe customers to list an groups automatically based on items purchased
  • Allow customers to opt-into an email subscription during purchase
  • Enable or disable double opt-in for email subscribers
  • Track store revenue through MailChimp’s eCommerce reporting
  • Send order receipt emails through MailChimp
  • Send order refund receipts through MailChimp
  • Send followup emails to customers after purchase through MailChimp
  • Integrated with the Free Downloads extension

Learn more about the MailChimp eCommerce automation tools here.