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How Escape Room Geeks Grew Its Revenue With Easy Digital Downloads

Do you need a simple yet powerful solution for streamlining your eCommerce checkout and optimizing the user experience?

That’s exactly what Escape Room Geeks was looking for when they began using Easy Digital Downloads (EDD).

In this case study, we’ll explore how Escape Room Kits used Easy Digital Downloads to achieve significant revenue growth (over $390,000 in sales) and improve customer satisfaction.

Meet Escape Room Geeks

In the thrilling world of escape rooms, Escape Room Geeks stands as a pioneer, offering printable digital games that unleash the mysteries and excitement of escape experiences right at home.

The Escape Room Geeks logo.

What once started as a fun apartment game idea among friends is now a global online business offering print-and-play escape room kits for all ages. Escape Room Geeks’ immersive and exciting puzzles make it easy to transform any place into a thrilling adventure.

Users can use the website or mobile app to explore and choose from dozens of high-quality, world-class escape room kits.

The Escape Room Geeks website.

Unlike other types of escape room games, customers can download and play them immediately. Games can be personalized and adapted based on group size. They’re also available in 7 languages spanning 6 continents.

Escaping from Checkout Chaos

Prior to Easy Digital Downloads, Escape Room Geeks faced a critical obstacle – a clunky, inconvenient checkout process that threatened to hurt sales and customer satisfaction.

Escape Room Geeks Growth Marketer Nikola Gulevski was looking for a solution to deliver a hassle-free checkout experience and an intuitive download section to give users easy and convenient access to their purchased games.

With the goal of streamlining the checkout, enhancing user satisfaction, and improving operational efficiency, Escape Room Geeks turned to Easy Digital Downloads.

Unlocking Efficiency via Easy Digital Downloads

As the leading WordPress eCommerce solution for digital selling, Easy Digital Downloads helps online sellers start and grow their businesses.

For Escape Room Geeks, Easy Digital Downloads’ intuitive interface ensures frictionless transactions. Accessing purchased games became a breeze, with user-friendly download sections putting players in the heart of the action.

Utilizing EDD to manage digital sales also gave the Escape Room Geeks team more freedom to focus on crafting new puzzles and escapes.

Escape Room Geeks doesn’t just use EDD, they’ve mastered it. They strategically deploy a suite of EDD addons to further enhance their success.

  • Commissions and AffiliateWP fuel a network of content creators and affiliates, expanding Escape Room Geeks’ reach and unlocking new audiences.
  • Variable Price Switcher and Discounts Pro provide flexibility and empower players to choose prices and benefit from targeted discounts.
  • Multi-Currency helps facilitate global transactions to welcome players from around the world.
  • ConvertKit is useful for nurturing customer relationships and keeping players engaged and eager for their next digital escape.
  • Recapture helps recover and reduce abandoned carts, turning lost leads into loyal players.

“The strategic use of these addons has not only streamlined our operations, but also positively influenced our revenue and market expansion,” Gulevski explains.

A Treasure Trove of Success

The impact of EDD is nothing short of game-changing.

  • $390,000 in Sales: EDD unlocked a treasure chest of revenue, exceeding expectations and fueling Escape Room Geeks’ growth.
  • 16,800 Individual Transactions: Customers flocked to join the digital escape room revolution, with purchases soaring like an enthusiastic high five.
  • 16,000 Annual Downloads: High download rates confirm that players are engaged and immersed in the games, unlocking clues and conquering challenges with gusto.
  • 50% reduction in abandoned shopping carts demonstrated the effectiveness of the Recapture addon.

Escape Room Geeks’ Nuggets of Wisdom

Escape Room Geeks’ journey offers valuable lessons for using Easy Digital Downloads and conquering the digital sales landscape. Below are some key tips Gulevski has for other online sellers:

  • Prioritize checkout simplicity. Make purchasing as smooth as possible to drive sales and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Combat abandoned carts. Tools like Recapture can be your secret weapon against lost sales and contribute to significant revenue boosts.
  • Embrace the EDD ecosystem. Explore and integrate various EDD addons like Commissions, AffiliateWP, and Discounts Pro. Each serves a unique purpose, from expanding your marketing reach to incentivizing affiliates and offering flexible pricing.
  • Cater to a global audience. Utilize the Multi-Currency addon to make your products accessible and appealing to customers worldwide.
  • Engage beyond the purchase. Keep the adventure alive with post-purchase communications using tools like ConvertKit.
  • Learn from the community. Gather valuable insights, strategies, and solutions from the engaging EDD community.

Gulevski also notes the importance of “regularly reviewing your sales data and customer feedback. Understanding what works and what doesn’t allows you to adapt your strategy for better results.”

Elevate eCommerce with Easy Digital Downloads

Escape Room Geeks’ success story is a testament to the power of Easy Digital Downloads. By harnessing EDD’s flexibility and potential, they’ve not only conquered the challenge of digital sales but also unlocked a world of adventure, excitement, and rewards (like $390,000 in revenue).

To learn more about these ready-to-play escape room kits, check out the Escape Room Geeks website at https:/

Ready to embark on your own digital sales quest? Let Easy Digital Downloads be your guide, and prepare to unlock a trove of online-selling success!

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