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Easy Digital Downloads + Set Sail Studios Case study

Do you need a seamless solution for building and managing an online store?

That’s what motivated Set Sail Studios to find and begin using Easy Digital Downloads in 2016.

In this case study, I’ll explain how type-foundry Set Sail Studios has used Easy Digital Downloads to drive revenue (over $236,000 in sales!) and boost downloads.

Meet Sam Parrett

Set Sail Studios is a type foundry owned and operated by U.K. designer Sam Parrett.

Set Sail Studios logo

After Parrett he honed his design skills as a freelance designer in the music industry, he has since created a flourishing, world-renowned font foundry business that includes more than 100 typefaces used by some of the biggest brands and agencies worldwide.

Setting Sail With Ambition

Prior to Easy Digital Downloads (EDD), Parrett wasn’t content with the restrictions of third-party font vendors.

With the vendors in decline and taking more commission from font designers (at least 50% per sale), he envisioned a direct connection with the designers—the ability to offer his unique fonts without hefty commissions or limited control.

Enter: Easy Digital Downloads.

Since creating his EDD store in 2016, Parrett’s been able to rely less on third-party vendors and more on his own store, “which I have full control over and receive the full sale amount only minus transaction fees.”

Set Sail Studios website and online store powered by Easy Digital Downloads

Achieving Digital Selling Success

Choosing EDD wasn’t a random choice. Parrett needed a platform that was user-friendly, seamlessly integrated with WordPress, and catered specifically to digital products.
EDD ticked all the boxes, offering:

  • A smooth WordPress integration: The familiar WordPress environment eased the learning curve and allowed Parrett to focus on the creative aspects of his store.
  • Flexible sales management: EDD offered complete control over pricing, promotions, and product configurations, giving Parrett the freedom to tailor his offerings to his audience.
  • Streamlined download delivery: Secure and automatic downloads ensured a smooth experience for customers, minimizing technical hiccups.
  • A treasure trove of add-ons: EDD’s library of add-ons provided powerful tools to enhance the store’s functionality.

From 2016 onwards, Set Sail Studios has charted a remarkable course with EDD as its compass. Here are some key milestones:

  • Over $236,537.80 in earnings generated, showcasing the platform’s ability to drive sales.
  • 77,776 downloads, including free offerings, demonstrating strong customer engagement and brand awareness.
  • Ability to bypass third-party vendors to keep full control over pricing and enjoy higher profit margins.
  • The Free Downloads and MailPoet integration resulted in a 15,000-strong email subscriber list, fostering communication and nurturing leads.
  • The Multi Currency add-on removed barriers for international customers, expanding Set Sail Studios’ reach and appeal.

Beyond the Horizon

Parrett’s journey with EDD isn’t over, as he continues to explore new features and strategies, such as implementing AffiliateWP to further boost customer acquisition and SEO.

But Parrett’s success story offers valuable insights for aspiring digital creators.

Embrace the free download to email marketing funnel

The Free Download and MailPoet integration has helped Set Sail Studios secure an ongoing stream of new customers and increase repeat purchases through email marketing. You can use it to attract new customers, build relationships, and convert them into paying fans.

Leverage the power of add-ons

Tailor your store with features that address specific needs and enhance your selling strategy. For instance, in addition to MailPoet, Free Downloads, and Multi-Currency, Set Sail Studios also uses Amazon S3 add-on as a simple solution to integrate and manage their database of fonts.

Don’t be afraid to chart your own course

EDD empowers you to take control, experiment, and build a business that reflects your vision. There are plenty of premium extensions, features, and integrations to choose from to suit your specific needs and enhance your eCommerce success.

Start Your Online Store With EDD

Set Sail Studios, with the help of Easy Digital Downloads, continues to conquer the digital selling seas, offering unique fonts and building a loyal community of design enthusiasts. Their story is a powerful testament to the potential of creativity, technology, and the right tools coming together to chart a course toward success.

To learn more about Set Sail Studios or explore their stunning fonts, visit their website at

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