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Removing jQuery Validation in v1.4.3

This is a heads up for everyone. When Easy Digital Downloads v1.4.3 is released sometime tomorrow, we will be waving goodbye to the jQuery Validation option for checkout. This was an option enabled in the Misc settings and added a nice layer of live field validation to the checkout screen. We have decided to remove

Version 1.4.2 Released

Easy Digital Downloads v1.4.2 has just been released and brings several significant bug fixes and quite a few small enhancements. The primary bug fixes in this release involve a problem with setting prices above 1000, discount codes set to 100% didn’t work correctly, and some issues with jQuery validation of the checkout field. In regards

WP Push Launches on Easy Digital Downloads

WP Push is a set of WordPress plugins that integrate with to deliver push notifications to your iOS and Android devices. The new site for marketing the Pushover extensions has just launched and is proudly powered by Easy Digital Downloads. Chris Klosowski, the developer and owner, was kind enough to answer some questions for

Important Changes to Priority Support

Due to a significant increase in the amount of support for Easy Digital Downloads, we are making some changes to our Priority Support forums. Up to this point, customers have had the option of purchasing priority support access or purchasing extensions in order to gain access to the priority support forums. Whether a customer paid

Version 1.4.1 Released

Easy Digital Downloads v1.4.1 has been released today, and it has a lot of really great changes and improvements. NOTE: If you use the PayPal Pro / Express extension, you must upgrade it to v1.3 in order to fully use Easy Digital Downloads v1.4.1. If you do not upgrade, discount codes will not work. The most significant changes made in

Our Little Blue Monster Comes to Life

Our little blue monster mascot, who is affectionately known as Edd has been with the plugin since v1.0. He was designed and drawn by the extremely talented Tim Von Ruden of CG Cookie. As a Christmas present, my wife had Edd created as a plushy. Check out the photo below.

Version 1.4 Released

Easy Digital Downloads version 1.4 has been in the works for quite some time now, and this morning it is officially released. There are a lot of improvements that have been made in this version and we’re all very excited to bring them to you. System Logs UI The new Downloads → Reports → Logs

Extension Pricing Changes

On January 1st, 2013, Easy Digital Downloads is changing its extension pricing scheme just slightly. This change will help to clarify license terms and to also better compensate the many different developers that have put time into building the extensions that make Easy Digital Downloads awesome. Instead of just having one price option, each extension

WP Jump Start Launches on Easy Digital Downloads

WP Jump Start is a phenomenal WordPress theme framework built by Jason Bobich of ThemeBlvd, and the new website has just relaunched with its store powered by Easy Digital Downloads. Jump Start is actually the same framework that powers this site. Jason was kind enough to answer some questions about the implementation.

Version 1.3.3 Released with New Tax System

Easy Digital Downloads version 1.3.3 was released early this morning and brings an entirely new system for collecting sales tax. Along with the taxes upgrade, a number of significant bug fixes were implemented and also several other improvements across the plugin.

Organic Themes Launches v4 with Easy Digital Downloads

Organic Themes is a very well known and reputable WordPress theme shop. They have just recently launched version 4 of their site and I’m thrilled to announce that they have converted their store to run off of Easy Digital Downloads. When Easy Digital Downloads was first created, the primary goal of the plugin was to

Version 1.3.2 Released

Version 1.3.2 was released a few minutes ago. This release is primarily to fix a large number of minor bugs throughout the system, though it also brings a few small enhancements. The main update that you will notice is the improved “Easy Digital Downloads Sales Summary” widget on the Dashboard. This widget now includes recent

Halloween Discount

It’s Halloween! In celebration we are offering a 20% discount on all extensions with a special 3-day only discount code. From the checkout page, simply enter BOO! in the discount field to automatically receive 20% off of your entire purchase. Remember, this applies to all extensions you purchase, so get what you need!

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