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Version 1.8.4 Released

Version 1.8.4 of Easy Digital Downloads was just released with numerous bug fixes and minor improvements. Several significant improvements include the ability to use partial email address in the payment history search, allowing public product data to be retrieved via the JSON REST API without an API key / token, and the introduction of a

Software Licensing version 2.1 released

Software Licensing, one of our most notable extensions, has just received a large update that adds support for a highly requested feature: pre-defined license keys for products. This update will allow site admins to enter a list of pre-defined license keys in the edit screen for products so that when a product is sold, the

EDD Version 1.8.1 Released

Easy Digital Downloads version 1.8.1 was released this morning in order to fix a few bugs that were either introduced in 1.8 or not fixed in 1.8, including a pretty significant tax calculation error. The complete changelog can be seen below.

Version 1.8 Released

Easy Digital Downloads version 1.8 is out! After more than two months of development, and more than a week in beta, EDD version 1.8 out is ready for widespread use. This is easily our largest release ever and included several new features that we believe most users will thoroughly enjoy, as well as several dozen

EDD Version 1.8 Discount

Easy Digital Downloads version 1.8 is scheduled to be released at some point tomorrow (October 1st, 2013), and in celebration we would like to offer a special discount to all customers on new purchases made this week. Launches on Easy Digital Downloads, a WordPress theme shop run by Dream Dolphin Media and focused themes built specifically for Churches has just recently launched their new site with Easy Digital Downloads powering the store. Steven Gliebe was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about their experience using Easy Digital Downloads. 1. What about Easy Digital

Easy Digital Downloads version 1.8 beta ready for testing

Easy Digital Downloads version 1.8 is ready for its first round of beta testing. This is one of our largest releases ever, in terms of the number of bugs fixed and the number of features improved or iterated on. Knowing that, everyone behind EDD would love the extra set of eyes to help catch any

Major Update to the AWeber Extension

The AWeber extension has just received a major update that introduces a couple of highly-requested features, primarily the ability for customers to be automatically subscribed to certain lists based on what product(s) they purchase. If you have questions or issues, please open a support ticket.

Extension and Theme Releases, September 3, 2013

The last two weeks have seen some truly excellent extension releases, as well as a new store theme! Quota – Minimal Store Theme Quota is a brand new theme designed and developed by Sean Davis. It features a simple, yet beautiful style that is perfect for showcasing your products in a clean, minimal style. Per

Possible new button styles coming to EDD v1.8

In Easy Digital Downloads version 1.8 (the next release), we are contemplating introducing a completely new button style, one that is based on the new version of Twitter’s Bootstrap. Before we do this, however, we want to ask you, the users, what you think. Please look at the screenshots below and let us know if

Andrew Munro Joins the Support Team

I am thrilled to announce that Andrew Munro, also known as Sumobi, has joined our Easy Digital Downloads support team. Andrew has been an active member of the Easy Digital Downloads community for quite a while now and is the developer behind some truly great EDD extensions and themes, including Cross-sell and Upsell, EDD Variable

Version 1.7 Released

After more than a full month of development, Easy Digital Downloads version 1.7 has been released! Once again, this release brings numerous new features, a huge number of minor improvements, and a significant number of bug fixes. Simple, Beautiful Checkout Prettier, More Versatile Styles We have completely rewritten the checkout CSS to make it more

Version 1.7 Beta 2 Available

The first beta version of 1.7 was released yesterday, and today we’re releasing beta 2. We’ve fixed a couple more important bugs in beta 2 and it’s ready for testing. The primary bug we fixed was the lack of updated .min versions of CSS and JS files. We simply forgot to update the compressed versions

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