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v1.0.6 Released

Version 1.0.6 was pushed out last night and can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository, or from within your WordPress dashboard. This version has a lot of minor bug fixes and quite a few significant enhancements. Many of the upgrades that were done do not have any direct impact on normal users, but they

Version 1.0.5 Released and Brings Variable Pricing

Version 1.0.5 has just been released. It is available to download from the WordPress plugin repository and your WordPress dashboards. There are a lot of updates included in version 1.0.5, but most important is the new variable pricing system. This new option gives you the ability to set multiple price variations for a single digital

Email News Letter Add-Ons Available

Add-ons for the popular email newsletter services Mail Chimp and Campaign Monitor are now available for purchase and download. These add-ons allow you to add a simple checkbox to your checkout form that, when selected, will sign users up for your mailing list. Both extensions are very simple, but very effective. It has been shown

New Template System in v1.0.3, and Other Improvements

Version 1.0.3 was pushed out to the WordPress plugin repository a few minutes ago, and it includes quite a few small bug fixes and one major new feature: customizable templates. For this version, there is just one template that can be modified, but others will be added very soon. In this version you can now

Easy Digital Downloads Ready for First Beta Testers

It’s finally almost ready! Easy Digital Downloads has been in development for about two months now, with over a hundred hours of my personal development time put into it so far. The plugin is extremely powerful and really, really cool. I have worked hard to supply as many of necessary features as possible, while also

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