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Version 1.7 Released

After more than a full month of development, Easy Digital Downloads version 1.7 has been released! Once again, this release brings numerous new features, a huge number of minor improvements, and a significant number of bug fixes. Simple, Beautiful Checkout Prettier, More Versatile Styles We have completely rewritten the checkout CSS to make it more attractive, more flexible, and more compatible with a wider variety of themes. Better Checkout Layout The position of each field on the checkout has been carefully reconsidered to ensure it is in the proper location so as to best create high conversion rates. Item Quantities

Version 1.7 Beta 2 Available

The first beta version of 1.7 was released yesterday, and today we’re releasing beta 2. We’ve fixed a couple more important bugs in beta 2 and it’s ready for testing. The primary bug we fixed was the lack of updated .min versions of CSS and JS files. We simply forgot to update the compressed versions of our scripts and styles in beta 1, so anyone that wasn’t running with SCRIPT_DEBUG enabled, didn’t see any of the new CSS or JS, resulting in some broken features and display. Download Beta 2 Report a Bug!

Version 1.7 Beta 1 Available

We have been working hard day and night on Easy Digital Downloads version 1.7, and tonight I’m thrilled to announce that the first beta version is ready for testing! In total, we have closed 58 issues for version 1.7. By type, we have: Made 37 enhancements Fixed 15+ bugs Closed 6 other misc issues Some of the major enhancements include: Multiple Discount Codes on Checkout If enabled, customers can add multiple discount codes to their purchase. This is an opt-in feature and must be enabled in Downloads > Settings > Misc. Import / Export Plugin Settings You can now export

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