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Get EDDucated with our tutorials! Learn how to use Easy Digital Downloads and our official extensions to create an effective and efficient digital eCommerce setup for your business.

How to automate customer retention with Software Licensing and Zapier

Easy Digital Downloads is a robust system in its own right, with enough functionality out of the box to run a full-fledged eCommerce site and well over 100 extensions currently available. However, even with powerful solutions like Easy Digital Downloads, managing your business can be a lot of work. That’s where Zapier comes in. With Zapier you can automate virtually any aspect of your workflow. Over the next few minutes, we’re going to review a few simple integrations that can greatly improve your day-to-day experience with Easy Digital Downloads.

More reliable email delivery

Email delivery is an important part of any eCommerce store, especially digital eCommerce where the email receipts contain download links to the purchased files. Email delivery is also, unfortunately, one of the most common aspects of eCommerce to be unreliable. This is due to many factors, including hosting accounts, spam filters, and email delivery services. Thankfully, there are a number of solutions to making email delivery nearly 100% reliable so that you can be assured email receipts, sale notifications, product submissions, and all other emails are delivered reliably.

Abandoned cart recovery with Jilt

Cart abandonment is a serious issue for eCommerce stores. It is so significant, in fact, that focusing even a small amount of effort into recovering those abandoned purchase attempts can have a dramatic effect on a company’s revenue through their online store. Jilt is a service that helps store owners recover lost revenue from abandoned checkouts.

Fast option switching at checkout with Variable Pricing Switcher

During eCommerce transactions, customers are far more likely to abandon their purchase if they leave the checkout screen in order to make adjustments to their purchase, so keeping customers on the checkout screen is a great way to improve conversion rates.

When a product includes multiple purchase options, such as license levels, allowing customers to select the price option they wish to purchase from the checkout screen can help prevent customers from leaving the checkout screen if they change their mind on which option to purchase.

Subscribe customers to email lists in ConvertKit

Every successful online eCommerce business has learned that email marketing is one of the most important assets in building a thriving eCommerce store, and ConvertKit is easily one of the best available options for building a strong email list and successfully marketing to that list.

Custom checkout forms with Gravity Forms Checkout

No eCommerce system is complete without a checkout form. In most cases, checkout forms go hand in hand with shopping carts, allowing customers to purchase the items they have selected. But what if you need a checkout form that serves one specific purpose?

Together, Easy Digital Downloads and Gravity Forms do just that. In this article, you will learn how to make checkout forms that include features like dynamic price display, conditional field logic, and custom product grouping.

Automated follow-up emails with Zapier

Email marketing has been proven over and over again to be a fundamentally important aspect of running successful eCommerce businesses. One particular part of email marketing is the process of sending post-purchase emails to customers to thank them, provide them extra assistance, and to encourage them to come back and become repeat customers.

Improve customer experience using extensions

Customer experience is about more than just how your product works. Use extensions to improve customer experience by making proactive decisions that address customer needs and concerns.

What is a payment gateway?
What is a Payment Gateway?

In eCommerce, there are several fundamentally important aspects of the online store, and one of the most important of those is the process of accepting payment from customers for the goods or services offered by the store. The system through which the payment is processed is often called a Payment Gateway, which is nothing more than a label used to describe the system that handles the transfer of money from the customer to the store owner.

Recover lost revenue with CartHook – We recovered over $2,400 in two weeks

According to the Baymard Institute, 68.55% of all online shopping carts get abandoned before the order is completed. As an e-Commerce store owner, one of the best things you can do for your business is start working to decrease the percentage of carts that get abandoned on your own site. CartHook is a service built specifically for that purpose and they recently released support for Easy Digital Downloads.

A Testing Server The Easy Way

A testing server is absolutely essential when running a site that needs zero downtime. This post will show you how to set one up quickly and easily using DesktopServer from ServerPress. The process is fast, easy, and repeatable, which makes it perfect for testing.

Easy Digital Downloads Content Restriction
Sell access to content with Content Restriction

Content Restriction provides a simple process for restricting access to content based on purchases through Easy Digital Downloads.

Use Content Restriction to create a more robust digital store and develop new ways to create revenue for your business.

Stripe Logo
Frictionless checkouts with Stripe

An easier purchasing process for your customers means more sales. Stripe Checkout can dramatically reduce the friction your customers feel when buying, making the decision to buy your product a much simpler one. We’ll show you how to set up Stripe Checkout to streamline your purchase process.

The Mailchimp EDD extension logo.
Automating welcome emails with MailChimp and eCommerce360

MailChimp is one of the premier email marketing platforms that offers unmatched control and flexibility, along with exceptionally robust automation and reporting toolsets.
The automation feature of MailChimp provides a simple, yet astronomically powerful system for sending welcome and follow up emails to customers after they complete a purchase on your website.

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