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EDDucated: Tutorials


Get EDDucated with our tutorials! Learn how to use Easy Digital Downloads and our official extensions to create an effective and efficient digital eCommerce setup for your business.

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Frictionless checkouts with Stripe

An easier purchasing process for your customers means more sales. Stripe Checkout can dramatically reduce the friction your customers feel when buying, making the decision to buy your product a much simpler one. We’ll show you how to set up Stripe Checkout to streamline your purchase process.

Automating welcome emails with MailChimp and eCommerce360

MailChimp is one of the premier email marketing platforms that offers unmatched control and flexibility, along with exceptionally robust automation and reporting toolsets.
The automation feature of MailChimp provides a simple, yet astronomically powerful system for sending welcome and follow up emails to customers after they complete a purchase on your website.

Sale notifications through Zapier

There are a lot of ways that store owners can receive notifications of new sales in Easy Digital Downloads, but none of them are as comprehensive, as flexible, or as powerful as Zapier. Through Zapier you can easily connect customer and order data from Easy Digital Downloads to more than 400 different web services, such as Slack, Twitter, MailChimp, Xero, SugarCRM, InfusionSoft, and so many more.

Advanced earnings and sales reports

Easy Digital Downloads provides robust sales and earnings reports out of the box, though sometimes you need to go a little bit further and build even more comprehensive reports. Let’s look at a few of the options available to you.

Subscribing Customers to List Groups in MailChimp

The MailChimp extension for Easy Digital Downloads is the easiest way to get your customers into your MailChimp account. Through the extension, you can easily add an opt-in option to your checkout screen and even automatically subscribe customers to specific lists when they purchase certain products. As of version 2.5, released earlier today, you can

Tutorial on Creating Custom Payment Gateways

If you would like to create your own payment gateways for Easy Digital Downloads, then you should read through the tutorial I have just published on Pippin’s Plugins. The tutorial walks through the process of registering your payment gateway, creating (or disabling) custom credit card forms, setting up the processing functions, and creating the gateway

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