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ActiveCampaign Documentation

The ActiveCampaign email marketing add-on adds an option for your customers to join your ActiveCampaign email list during checkout.

Configuration Instructions for ActiveCampaign

1. Once installed, locate the settings for this extension via WordPress admin → Downloads → Settings → Marketing > ActiveCampaign.

2. Then, enter your API URL, API Key, and List ID for ActiveCampaign, found under Settings → Developer in your ActiveCampaign account dashboard.

Note: Your ActiveCampaign lists will not appear until the API URL and Key are saved.

3. Finally set a Checkout Label and click Save Settings. Once you Save Settings, available lists will appear.

Adding customers to lists

Customers are added one of two ways:

  1. By choosing a list in the settings above and selecting Show Signup on Checkout. Customers will have the option to opt in to this list during checkout.
  2. Inside the product settings, you can choose a specific list that the customer should be added too, as a result of purchasing that particular product. Customers will need to opt in on checkout to get added to this list.


Emails are not added to a list selected in the Download’s Per-Product Lists
Most likely, the customer did not opt in upon checkout. If opt-in is not selected, then an email will not be added to the default list or the per-product list(s). If opt-in is selected at checkout, the email address will be added to the default list and any other per-product lists that might be selected.