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Does Easy Digital Downloads work with Cloudflare?

Generally speaking Cloudflare is compatible with Easy Digital Downloads.  Here are some issues and solutions we’ve discovered.


Cloudflare’s ScrapeShield technology grabs the email address of the customer and obfuscates it so that spammers cannot scrape it and send spam.

The drawback to this is that it’s then not a valid email address, and the customer becomes disconnected from the purchase.

Cloudflare offers instructions on how to turn off this feature.  Once it’s off then the issue is resolved.

HTTPS Protocol Rewriting

This option attempts to make all of your site’s assets (like CSS files etc) load over the same protocol (http or https).  Occasionally it doesn’t load properly, causing downloads to be served without contents, so the filesize is 0.  You can turn this feature off in your Cloudflare panel,  Cloudflare’s documentation on HTTPS Protocol Rewriting explains how.

Page Rules

Cloudflare has a number of performance tools, and in order for your EDD Store to run well with Cloudflare you may need to adjust some Page Rules in order to ensure that adding to the cart and processing orders complete successfully.

These are the suggested page rules that you should add to your Cloudflare account to ensure optimal functionality.

    • Cache Level: Bypass
    • Browser Integrity Check: Off
    • Cache Level: Bypass
    • Browser Integrity Check: Off

Payments not marked as complete

If your payments are not getting marked as complete and you are using Clourdflare, see  this document