Custom Checkout Fields

Adding custom fields to the checkout form is easy to do with just a couple of functions. The code below will allow you to add two additional fields, one for Phone and one for Company.

Note: as of January 2014, we have an official extension that allows you to create custom checkout fields and arrange them however you like. View Checkout Fields Manager extension.

The result will look like this:

Screenshot from 2013-03-21 09:37:28

This code is simply meant as an example and can be tweaked however you wish to add even more fields.


  1. hi, it’s a great work.

    i want to know how insert this custom fields in the receipt purchase under downloads > settings > email. I have try some ways but doesn’t work….

    thanks for the attention….

  2. hello , thanks alot for your best plugin .
    but i have a small problem .
    i had tried your code and it worked well .
    but i want to add a field for upload file .
    like :

    first name :
    last name :
    upload your file :

    please help me . that’s easy for you but not easy for me .
    thanqqqqq alot

    • We are about to release an extension that adds support for uploading files on the checkout form.

      • hannan std

        :( ok
        until you release that i will die 😀

        i tried to make it myself
        but another question :

        how can i set jquery id rather than input value
        <input class="edd-input" type="text" name="edd_company" id="edd-company" placeholder="” value=””/>

        my jqury id is hannan and when id write in my chechout page :

        that’s ok and show my uploded file name .

        but i want to show content in your code input value or return thats value on admin order detail .

        in best description : i install alchemist-ajax-upload.1.1 and put this shortcode in chekout page , only i want to show that uploaded file name in admin order form . just it

        please help me . i love you

      • hannanstd

        We are about to release an extension that adds support for uploading files on the checkout form.

        oh no . this was my idea . i havent master card i havent international card , i havent may money . i wait many time until you release it . please send 1 version for me .

  3. chriscct7

    We’re releasing an extension in early January that will let you add, remove, and re-order the checkout fields using a Gravity Forms style UI. With it, you won’t need to worry about any code :-)


  4. Hello

    Hi, I really need this feature to be able to sell services since they need to upload information. Is this really the best way, and the post was written a while ago, does it still work?

    Chris – what is the name of the plugin you’re publishing so I can see it when it’s released?


  5. hannanstd

    your plugin are very very very expensive .
    123 $ ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. hi
    in edd when i use multi file in download and fill note form . in checkout page show note for all file . i want to seperate note for each file

  7. bankim

    hiii…..nice plugin and i had also follow the steps by making custom plugin but when any not registered user is there i want it to make resgistered on check out for that i had made form visible from MISC setting but my custom extra fields are shown on both personal info and also in register form. soo basically i want that in only register form only and also add adress field so give me solution for that. I am Waiting.

  8. Ingomar


    i successfully added a custom field with the code provided above, but how/where can i add the translation to german language?

    thanks in advance for the answer and that very helpful wordpress plugin!

    best regards,


  9. Khanh

    How to display Phone and Company in Receipt?

  10. khanh

    can I customize check out form based on payment method which is selected by user?
    For example, when user choose bank transfer, there is radio buttons for user to choose different bank names. when user choose paypal, there is no radio buttons.

  11. Alex

    Hi – basic question but how do I add this code to the plugin / which file do I add it to?

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