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Fixing database errors

If you are seeing errors in your database relating to custom tables created by Easy Digital Downloads or one of its extensions, these steps are the first thing to try in order to get it fixed. For example an error like this could potentially be fixed by the steps in this document:

“WordPress database error Duplicate entry”

To fix it, you may need to do a repair to your database, which is a simple and safe process. Follow these steps:

1. In an FTP program, browse to your WordPress root directory and open the file called “wp-config.php”

2. Add this line after the line containing “WP_DEBUG”:

define( ‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true );

3. Upon save, load your website in a browser. It will redirect you to a page which repairs your tables. Once it has completed, remove the line you added in step 2 and re-save the wp-config.php file again.