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Gateway Fees Setup

Gateway Fees allows you to charge customers additional fees depending on the payment method used to complete a purchase. Alternatively, you can also use this extension to give discounts for using certain gateways.

Note: Gateway Fees are no currently compatible with Recurring Payments (both the initial and renewal payments). Fees will only apply to one time purchases.

Once the extension is
installed and activated, in your EDD store, go to Downloads → Settings → Payments and find the Gateway Fees section. It’ll look like this:

Applying a fee

At the bottom of the page is an area to set up a label and either a flat fee or a percentage fee for each Gateway you have enabled. The screenshot below shows how you can add a 2.9% + $0.30 cents fee for purchases made with the Test Payment for example.

Once you have a gateway fee set up, it automatically takes effect on the checkout page. Below is the example of a Test Payment fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction on a $100.00 purchase.

Applying a discount

Add the minus sign to any fee in order to apply a discount. For example, you might want to provide a 3% discount for using
Check Payment Gateway. To do so, input -3 in the “Percent fee for Check Payment” field.

Calculation examples

Note: Gateway Fees calculations can be very confusing.  Please read this section carefully and do experiments on your own calculations.

Something important to keep in mind is that this extension is not intended to simply add a fee to the transaction, but rather take the fees charged by the gateway and pass them on to the customer.

When the price is $100 and you want to use Gateway Fees to pass a 2.9% fee to the customer, what you actually want to do is have a total price that leaves you with $100 and still pays your fee to the payment processor. So as mentioned above, you’re not using this extension to apply a fee. Instead, you’re using it to offset a fee that will be applied by the payment processor.
Instead of adding 2.9% to $100, we divide $100 by 0.971 (1 minus 2.9%). What this gives us is $102.98661. This may look strange, but $102.99 is now fully prepared to pay a 2.9% fee. Here’s the math: $102.99 * 0.971 (meaning minus the 2.9% fee) = $100. You get $100 while the customer pays a $3.00 fee to the payment processor.
Now in the example above there’s also a 30 cent per transaction fee, so the real end total will be $103.30.

More examples

Cart Total Gateway Percentage Gateway Flat Fee Customer Pays
100 2.9% 0.30 103.30
29.99 3.3% 0.30 31.32
16.00 2.9% 0.30 16.77
42.00 4.7% 0.30 44.37
15.00 3.0% 0.00 15.46
24.00 2.9% 0.00 24.72
9.99 0.0% 0.30 10.29
49.99 0.0% 0.30 50.29