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GetResponse Documentation

The GetResponse email marketing extension adds an option for your customers to join your GetResponse email list during checkout.

Configuration Instructions for GetResponse

  1. Once installed, locate the settings for this extension via WordPress admin → Downloads → Settings → Marketing→ GetResponse
  2. Enter your GetResponse API key. This must be obtained from the GetResponse website from the Integrations and API section.
  3. Once you have entered the API key, press Save Changes. This will load a list of your available GetResponse campaigns into the dropdown labeled “Choose a Campaign”. Select the campaign you want users to be subscribed to.
  4. Select whether or not to display the opt-in checkbox. If this option is not checked, GetResponse will not be available at all in your EDD store. It’s essentially an on/off switch for the entire extension.
  5. Select whether or not to require double opt-in.
  6. Setup the label for the opt-in checkbox. Default text that will be displayed is “Signup for the newsletter

Configuring Per-Download Settings

Each download may be associated with a specific list. This allows you to have an updated list for each product. In the right column of the admin page for a single Download there is a meta box that allows the store owner to associate specific lists with that Download.

The store owner may associate a Download with more than one list, but the customer will still only see the one checkbox with the global label referred to above.


Will customers be automatically subscribed if I don’t show the option to subscribe upon checkout?

No. If you don’t check the checkbox for the option called “Show Signup Checkbox” they will not be automatically subscribed upon checkout.