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Guidelines for 3rd-Party Extensions

Developers are welcome and encouraged to make extensions for Easy Digital Downloads. Here are some guidelines to follow when creating an extension.

Naming 3rd-Party Extensions

3rd-party extensions should use the naming convention “Extension Name for Easy Digital Downloads”. 

This is standard practice for other plugins that have 3rd-party add ons and helps differentiate between our official extensions and 3rd-party extensions.

Please do not use the naming convention “Easy Digital Downloads – Extension Name”, as it’s used for official Easy Digital Download extensions. 

Easy Digital Downloads Branding

If you are referencing the Easy Digital Downloads brand, please use the proper assets (logos & color scheme). Guidelines

Every plugin should follow the official repository guidelines; in regards to EDD extensions, make sure you read Plugins must respect trademarks, copyrights, and project names.


3rd-party extensions should place your EDD specific settings under Downloads → Settings → Extensions → Your Extension Name. To see an example of how to register your subsection and settings, you can reference this Gist:

3rd-Party Extensions Page

Contact support to request that your extension get added to our 3rd-Party Extensions page. Please include your extension’s name, description and website.