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How can I ignore Local Host URLs for Activation?

In order for automatic updates to work, a license must be active for your install of the the plugin. Once you’ve met your allowed number of active license you can’t activate any more.

The exception to this policy involves local installs using something like MAMP, WAMP, Vagrant or Desktop Server. These are obviously not being used as live servers so you may activate your license there without using one of your allowed activation numbers.

Here’s How It Works

License activations are tied to URLs. ┬áIn order to make it so you may activate licenses on local development servers (servers which run on your laptop or desktop) we’ve allowed some common URLs and IP addresses to not count against your license activation count.

  • localhost
  • *.dev
  • *.local

You may activate your licenses on any of the above URLs or IP addresses and it won’t count against your activation limit.