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Moving EDD Templates To Your Theme

Occasionally you may wish to edit one of the templates that come with Easy Digital Downloads. Instead of editing the templates right in the plugin you should move them to your theme, so that your changes aren’t lost when you update the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. This document will show you how to safely move template files to your theme.

Creating the Theme Location

First in your theme’s folder create a folder called edd_templates/. Then go to the plugin folder for Easy Digital Downloads and find the templates/ folder. Simply copy any file you wish from the templates/ folder into your new edd_templates/ folder and WordPress will automatically begin using your new copy.  You may then safely make any changes you wish.

Note: please use a child theme whenever possible to avoid a theme update from deleting your custom template files.

Available Template Files

Any template file in the list below may be moved to your edd_templates/ folder. If a file is in a sub-folder in the EDD template folder then you need to make that same sub-folder in your edd_templates/ folder. Example: edd_templates/emails/

Note: you should only move template files that you’re actually going to change. That way all the files you do not change will continue to get updates from EDD.

CSS Files can be found under:

  • /assets/css/edd.min.css (minified)
  • /assets/css/frontend/style.scss (verbose)

PHP Files

  • account-pending.php
  • checkout_cart.php
  • Emails
    • body-default.php
    • body.php
    • footer-default.php
    • footer.php
    • header-default.php
    • header.php
  • history-downloads.php
  • history-purchases.php
  • payment-processing.php
  • shortcode-download.php
  • shortcode-content-cart-button.php
  • shortcode-content-excerpt.php
  • shortcode-content-full.php
  • shortcode-content-image.php
  • shortcode-content-price.php
  • shortcode-content-title.php
  • shortcode-login.php
  • shortcode-profile-editor.php
  • shortcode-receipt.php
  • shortcode-register.php
  • widget-cart-checkout.php
  • widget-cart-empty.php
  • widget-cart-item.php
  • widget-cart.php


  • Icons
    • amazon.gif
    • americanexpress.gif
    • discover.gif
    • iphone.png
    • mastercard.gif
    • paypal.gif
    • visa.gif
  • loading.gif
  • tick.png
  • xit.gif


  • EDD-Icons.eot
  • EDD-Icons.json
  • EDD-Icons.svg
  • EDD-Icons.ttf
  • EDD-Icons.woff
  • padlock.eot
  • padlock.svg
  • padlock.ttf
  • padlock.woff