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Recurring Payments – Content Restriction Integration

The Content Restriction extension for Easy Digital Downloads makes it easy to require a purchase before allowing access to some content. With Recurring Payments integration you can require an active subscription in order to access restricted content.

There are two ways to implement the integration:

Full Content Restriction

When activated, Content Restriction creates a meta box on every post type except Downloads (e. g. Pages, Posts, and any custom post types). With Recurring Payments integration it also includes a checkbox to require an active subscription.

Partial Content Restriction

Content Restriction provides a shortcode that you can wrap around segments of content to restrict that content.  With Recurring Payments it accepts a new variable like this: [edd_restrict subscription="true"] Content [/edd_restrict]

This will allow you to restrict access to any fragment of information where shortcodes work to only customers with active subscriptions.


Does this setting apply to non-subscription purchases?

The “Active Subscribers Only?” option is ignored for One-time Purchases. Therefore, if the product or product option does not have recurring enabled, a one time purchase will still have access to the restricted content, regardless of whether “Active Subscribers Only?” is enabled or not. 

Note: If Recurring is enabled for an existing product that was previously a one time purchase, existing customers without a subscription will NOT have access to “Active Subscriptions Only?” content.