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Reviews – FAQ and Troubleshooting

This document goes over some of the frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips for the EDD Reviews extension for Easy Digital Downloads.

FAQ and Troubleshooting:

Do users need to be logged in in order to post a review?
If the Reviews setting “Enable Guest Reviews” is checked, any visitor can leave a review.

Can I change where Reviews are shown on the page?
By default reviews will be shown directly beneath the “content” (which is the main text area of your product). You cannot move them without doing some custom development in your theme. Note that custom development isn’t provided by Easy Digital Downloads; please visit our Codeable page for more details on customizing EDD and/or the Reviews extension.

Does the Reviews Extension integrate with Google Reviews?
The Reviews extension automatically integrates with Google’s search results so your search results with product listings will show the review data.