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Reviews – Settings

The settings for
Reviews are found under Downloads > Settings > Marketing > Reviews. Reviews are only valuable if they accurately represent the feelings of the users, so most of the settings are related to making the reviews accurate and meaningful. Here’s a description of each.

Enable review breakdown

If you see a product with an average rating of 5 stars, you may think “This is great!” But what if it’s only been reviewed once or twice? The rating may not be quite as meaningful. If there are 4.7 stars out of 500 reviews, the value of the rating is much higher. Enable Review Breakdown renders the number of votes with the reviews so the reader can properly evaluate the worth of the stars.

Disable multiple reviews by same author

If one person is allowed to create multiple reviews, the value of the ratings becomes diluted, and one person can dominate the tone of the reviews. This option prevents single users from leaving multiple reviews of the same product.

Disable voting on reviews

If you don’t care about rankings or voting or stars, you may simply turn off that feature with this option. Reviews will continue to be available; they just won’t have a ranking attached.

Only allow reviews by buyers

If it’s important to you that only people who actually experienced your product leave reviews then you can use this option to allow only those who have purchased the product to leave a review. 

Word Counts

A three-word review doesn’t convey much information. By the same token, a 1500-word review might be better served by its own blog post somewhere else. If you’d like to try to maintain a relative average length, you can use the Minimum word count and Maximum word count fields.


You may offer a percentage discount in your store to anyone who leaves a review. Enable Reviewer Discount will activate this option, and then you may use the Reviewer Discount Amount field to set the discount amount.

Disable EDD Reviews CSS

This removes all built-in Reviews CSS, and allows you to style the plugin output any way you wish.