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Stripe – Express Checkout (Apple Pay / Google Pay)

Note: Before Express Checkout can be enabled, Stripe Standard or Stripe Pro needs to be set up.

Express Checkout allows you to present an Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Microsoft Pay button if the user’s browser and device combination supports it. If none are available, the button is not displayed.

Currently, supported browsers include Chrome Desktop, Chrome Android, macOS Safari, iOS Safari, and Microsoft Edge for Windows.

A payment method must be saved to the browser or device as well. For example, you can save a card in Chrome, or add a card to your Wallet for Safari. If no card is added, the Express Checkout (Apple Pay / Google Pay / Microsoft Pay) button will not appear.

1. Enable Express Checkout options in EDD

Within the Stripe settings (
Downloads → Settings → Payment Gateways → Stripe ) you’ll need to enable how you want Apple Pay / Google Pay / Microsoft Pay buttons to appear.

  • Single Download: Enable to display the Express Checkout button on the individual product page.
  • Download Archive: Enable the Express Checkout button to display on the download archive page(s), such as anywhere the [downloads] or [purchase_link] shortcode is used.
  • Checkout: Enable to make Express Checkout be one of the gateway options on the checkout page.

2. Registering your domain with Apple Pay

To use Apple Pay, you need to register with Apple all of your web domains that will show an Apple Pay button.

Go to
the Apple Pay tab in the Account Settings of your Stripe Dashboard.

If the domain registration fails, you’ll need to check for the domain association file on your host. The EDD Stripe extension will attempt to do this automatically when you enable one of the Express checkout options above for the first time. To confirm that the file was properly added,
follow these steps from Stripe which explain how to manually add it.

Once you’ve registered your domains, you’ll be able to make payments in your store with Apple Pay, using Safari web browser.

For more details see Stripe’s doc on
Verifying your domain with Apple Pay.

3. Testing Express Checkout

Apple Pay

At this time, test payments do not work so if you would like to test Apple Pay, it will require a live payment. Note, Stripe frowns upon testing live payments so its recommend you test with small amounts, such as $1 and avoid refunding your test payment(s).

Google Pay

Google Pay allows you to add any Stripe Test Card. It should be added under
chrome://settings/payments; if no test card exists (even with a live card listed) you may not see the Google Pay button.


If Express Checkout buttons are not appearing, you can test your browser(s) here:

You should see the appropriate button appear at the top of the page (see screenshot below). If it doesn’t appear, it is due to your browser:

Apple Pay is available but fails to process payment.

Try re-registering your domain with Apple Pay by removing your site and registering it again.


Please note that the use of Apple Pay on the Web is subject to the
Apple Pay on the Web terms of service and the use of Google Pay is subject to the Google Pay terms of service.

EDD is using Stripe’s Payment Request Button to integrate with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, and the
Payment Request API — a browser standard that gives your customers the ability to quickly provide payment and address information they’ve stored with their browser.

For more details found in the Stripe docs:

Supported Countries

Both parties (buyer and seller) need to originate from an eligible country for the Apple Pay/Google Pay buttons to appear on the purchase form. The lists of supported countries are linked below.


Why does Express Checkout not support Taxes?

Express Checkout API calculates taxes based on shipping address. EDD doesn’t use a shipping address which prevents the support for taxes at this time.