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Tax Settings

The Taxes tab will allow you to configure simple tax rules for purchases.


If you do not wish to charge any tax on purchase, simply leave the Enable Taxes option unchecked.

Prices Include Tax: If Yes is selected, the price entered on the product edit screens is the total amount the customer will pay after taxes. For example, if enabled and the price of a product is $20, the customer will pay 20$ at checkout. The exact amount charged in tax will be calculated automatically.

If No is selected, the price entered on the product edit screen will not include the tax amount.

Show Tax Rate on Prices: when enabled, the amount the customer is expected to pay in tax will be displayed below purchase buttons.

Show in Checkout: This determines whether prices are shown with taxes or without taxes on checkout. If set to Including tax, the item’s price will show the item’s total price which includes tax. If set to Excluding tax, the item’s price will show the pre-tax amount (subtotal).


This section lets you add tax rates for specific countries and/or states/provinces in those countries.

Adding a tax rate:

At the bottom of the table, select a country. If you want to apply to a specific state/province, deselect “Apply to whole country”.

Disabling a rate:

Added rates can be Deactivated but will not be deleted.

Updating a rate:

Rates cannot be updated, instead the existing rate should be Deactivated and a new rate added.

VAT Options

If you need to collect VAT numbers and manage VAT reporting, consider using the plugins below.

EDD Invoices – This extension will provide customers with an option to generate and download an invoice that can contain both the store and customer VAT numbers.

Easy Digital Downloads EU VAT – Makes it easy for any EDD store to meet European tax law. Automatically charges to the correct tax rate to each customer, validates VAT numbers and reverse charges VAT for businesses, provides EU-compliant tax invoices and built-in evidence collation and reporting.

VAT for Easy Digital Downloads – This extension adds complete VAT support to Easy Digital Downloads stores.

Quaderno – A complete tax management platform optimized for Easy Digital Downloads.

Additional options are also available in the Taxes section of our 3rd Party Extensions pages.