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Easy Digital Downloads Documentation
Documentation, Reference Materials, and Tutorials for Easy Digital Downloads

Themedd – Customizer

Themedd’s settings can be found in the WordPress customizer. Go to
AppearanceCustomize in your WordPress dashboard.

The following sections will be available:

Site Identity

Use this setting to add a logo to your site. Your logo will appear just above the site title.

Site Title
Use this setting to configure your site’s title. If you do not want to show the site title along with your logo, uncheck the “Display Site Title and Tagline” setting.

Use this setting to configure your site’s tagline.

Display Site Title and Tagline
Uncheck this option to hide the site title and tagline. This is useful when you’d like to add a logo which already includes the name of your website.

Site Icon
Use this setting to add a site icon.


Themedd has a variety of color options to help match your brand. The color options have been split up into the following sections:

  • General (6 color options)
  • Header (21 color options)
  • Footer (6 color options)
  • Mobile Devices (8 color options)

Theme Options

Full Width Layout
This will allow you to switch between a typical “boxed” or full width” layout.

Display Excerpts
Show either excerpts or the full content on post listings.

Header Search
This displays a search box in the site header and mobile menu. By default, the search box will search everything. If Easy Digital Downloads is installed and active, and the Restrict Header Search setting is enabled, the header search will be restricted to searching downloads only.

Easy Digital Downloads

This section will only show once Easy Digital Downloads has been activated.

Restrict Header Search
Enabling this setting restricts the header search (see Theme Options above) to only downloads. When the search results are displayed, the user will see a grid of downloads rather than the typical search results listing.

Distraction Free Checkout
Enabling this setting provides a distraction free experience for your customers at checkout. It does this by removing any header menus, footer widgets and sidebars.

Display Vendor Contact Form
This setting is only be shown when Frontend Submissions is installed and activated. Enabling this setting will display a vendor contact form on the single vendor page so customers can get in touch with the vendor.

Display Cart Icon
Hide or show the cart icon that appears in the site header.

Item Quantity and Cart Total
Choose to display only the item quantity, cart total, item quantity and cart total, or nothing at all.

Custom Post Type Archive Title
By default, Easy Digital Downloads shows a listing of downloads on your site’s /downloads page. This setting allows you to configure the title for this page. If you have disabled the custom post type archive page, this setting will not be visible.

Header Image

Use this section to add a header image to your website.

Background Image

Use this section to add a background image to your website. To set a background color, visit the
ColorsGeneral section.


Use this section to configure your menus. Themedd has 3 menu locations:

Mobile Menu
The mobile menu shows when your website is viewed on mobile devices such as a phone or tablet. It will also show when the browser’s window width is reduced to a width best represented by a mobile device.

By default, the mobile menu will use any menu items assigned to the
Primary Menu location. You can however created your own mobile menu, assign to the Mobile Menu location, and only those menu items will show for mobile devices.

Primary Menu
Create a menu and assign it to the Primary Menu location to build your main site navigation.

Secondary Menu
Create a menu and assign it to the Secondary Menu location to build your secondary site navigation. This will appear in the site’s header.


Use this section to add widgets to the various sidebars available.

Static Front Page

Use this section to set a static front page and the posts page.

Additional CSS

Use this section to add additional CSS to your site.