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Themedd – Optimizing the checkout

Removing the sidebar at checkout

The EDD checkout page will show a sidebar if you have any widgets assigned to the sidebar widget location. To remove the sidebar, assign either the
Full Width or Slim page template to your EDD checkout page.

Distraction Free Checkout

Distraction Free Checkout option simplifies the EDD checkout page, removing any distractions such as header menus, footer widgets (if set), and sidebars. This improves the customer’s checkout experience and helps to lower cart abandonment. The site title (and logo if set) will still be linked to your site’s homepage so the customer can find their way back.

To enable
Distraction Free Checkout:

  1. From within the WordPress admin, go to AppearanceCustomizeEasy Digital Downloads
  2. Enable the Distraction Free Checkout checkbox
  3. Click Save & Publish

Tip: You can use the Slim page template in conjunction with Distraction Free Checkout to make your checkout “slimmer”. Slim checkout pages have been known to improve conversions. Consider A/B testing your site’s checkout page to see if this helps increase sales.

Empty cart

When a customer’s cart is empty,
Distraction Free Checkout will be automatically disabled. This is done intentionally so a customer can navigate around your site and find products to add to their cart. Once a product has been added to the cart and they navigate to checkout again, Distraction Free Checkout will be enabled.

Showing products to the customer when the cart is empty

Use the
Empty Cart plugin to show products to the customer when their cart is empty.