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Themedd – Using a child theme

We strongly recommend using a child theme instead of making modifications directly to Themedd. The child theme will inherit all functionality and styling of Themedd and prevent any of your modifications from being lost. Menus, widgets, customizer settings and much more will all be preserved. 

Tip: Using a child theme can speed up development time. As a bonus, you will learn a lot about WordPress theme development!

Installing the Themedd child theme

  1. Download Themedd to your computer. Click the download link after purchase (it’s free!) from the purchase confirmation page or from your purchase receipt email. You can also download Themedd from your account page after purchase.
  2. Download the Themedd child theme.
  3. In your WordPress admin, go to Appearance → Themes and click Add New from the top of the screen.
  4. Click Upload Theme from the top of the screen.
  5. Click Browse, select the zip file you downloaded in step 1 and click open. Lastly, click Install Now.
  6. Repeat step 5 and install the child theme you downloaded in step 2.
  7. Click Activate to active the Themedd child theme.

Making changes to Themedd, from the child theme

All custom PHP functionality can be added to the functions.php file, inside the child theme.

All custom CSS styling can be added to the style.css file, inside the child theme.