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Too many redirects on a download

Occasionally a customer will try to update a plugin they purchased from you and get an error that says “Too many redirects on a download”. This is an issue with the Software Licensing extension, and happens If the store owner adds a file to be downloaded, removes it, and adds another without updating the Download between those steps. 

This error can also happen during the file download part of update installations.


The problem is that the “Update File” dropdown is set to “No update file selected”. Select an Update File and click “Update” in the Publish box to save the settings for the product.

Once a file is selected, the update will work.

In the event selecting an update file doesn’t work, follow these steps:

  1. Delete all files from the “Download Files” section
  2. Click the Update button in the Publish box
  3. Attach a new download file without changing the default File Name
  4. Click the Update button in the Publish box
  5. Rename the File Name for the download
  6. Click the Update button in the Publish box

NOTE: Updating the Download after each step is important, do not skip those steps.