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Variable Pricing Switcher

The Variable Pricing Switcher extension for Easy Digital Downloads allows customers to easily switch between price options on the checkout screen.


After you have installed and activated the Variable Pricing Switcher extension, you can find the settings area by navigating to Downloads → Settings → Extensions → Variable Pricing Switcher.

Switcher Label: This is the text that will appear on the checkout page above the price switcher.

Disable cart on checkout: Enabling this option will remove the cart from the checkout page. This is particularly useful for single-product sites, or sites that do not need a shopping cart.

Force single variable price: Enabling this option allows for only 1 variable price per product to be be purchased at once.


When creating or editing a download product there is a new area in the right sidebar titled “Variable Pricing Switcher”. Enable this to allow that download product to have the option to switch variable prices during the checkout process.

Once enabled, when a customer adds an item that has variable pricing options, they will be able to change which pricing option they want during the checkout process.