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What information will be tracked by opting into usage tracking?

Easy Digital Downloads aspires to be the perfect digital eCommerce solution for WordPress. While perfection may be far-fetched, constant refinement helps us get closer to that goal.

One of the tools we use to better understand the needs of our users is usage tracking. By navigating to Downloads -> Settings -> General (default tab) in your WordPress dashboard, you can opt into usage tracking by selecting the Allow Usage Tracking? setting found under the Tracking Settings section.

Below, you will find a description of what information will be tracked once you have saved this setting.

Tracked usage data

Theme Data

To better understand which WordPress themes are most popular for our users and ensure that changes to our plugins do not adversely affect a large subset of users, we will track data about the theme you are using, particularly the name of the theme and its current version number.

Software & System Information

To make decisions about system requirements and compatibility, we will track your PHP version, WordPress version, and server information (like Apache, Nginx, etc.).

Site Information

For general reference, we will track the URL of your website, the admin email address, your site locale (language), and whether or not your WordPress installation is a multisite install.

We will also track which plugins you have installed and as well as which ones are activated.

Easy Digital Downloads Information

To better understand the trends of our users’ stores, we will track your Easy Digital Downloads version, what label you use for your products (if you have changed “download” to something different), and how many products your store has.

Also, to see how long you have been using Easy Digital Downloads, we will check for the date you installed the plugin. This is only an educated guess based on the date your Checkout page was created. Because that page is created automatically when you activate Easy Digital Downloads for the first time, this information is accurate for most users.

How we collect data

The aforementioned data is collected in one of the 3 methods:
1) As soon as you enable Usage Tracking, we send your first set of data.
2) We will continue to send updated information once per week, as long as the option is enabled.
3) Anytime Easy Digital Downloads is updated, we will send this tracking information, as long as the option is still enabled.

Usage tracking discount

To thank you for letting us track this data, we offer a one-time use discount for opting into tracking. Once you opt into tracking and save the setting, you will receive an email that includes your discount and instructions on how to use it. This email will be sent to your admin email address that we are tracking.