Easy Digital Downloads requires very little setup; simply visit Downloads > Settings and configure the basic options.

For instructions on how to install the plugin, please consult the Installation Guide.

For assistance on setting up and configuring Easy Digital Downloads after you have it installed, please consult the Basic Configuration page.

We have recorded a variety of walk through videos that show how to do some of the common tasks with Easy Digital Downloads. If you need more in-depth training videos, Adam Warner has recorded an extensive set of training videos that cover the entire setup and usage of Easy Digital Downloads.

There are a variety of shortcodes included with the plugin that display things like the checkout form, the download/purchase history, and purchase buttons for individual products.

  • [downloads] – shows a list or grid of downloadable products
  • [download_history] – shows a list of all products the current user has purchased, including download links.
  • [purchase_history] – shows a complete purchase history for the current user, including download links
  • [download_checkout] – shows the checkout form.
  • [purchase_link] – displays a purchase button for the specified download ID
  • [download_cart] – shows a shopping cart on any page or text widget.
  • [edd_profile_editor] – shows a profile editor for logged-in customers. has a complete training course on setting up Easy Digital Downloads.

Having problems with something? Vist the FAQs. If you don’t find your answer there, head to the support forums.