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    Maria Lankina

    hi guys,

    great plugins !

    I am trying to shorten my work load ( to remember what its like to have fun ) , by uploading multiple products, they all are really the same price. Difference is obviously image locations and file ( also image ) download locations and categories and tags, ah and variable pricing ( I am guessing its impossible to include variable pricing when importing via CVS file ? ) .

    I cant figure out the proper slug for the image to propagate into products ( download creation) .

    The downloads are being created but none of the images appear in them. So basically back to square one where I have to reinsert media files , some of which  are hosted on A3 (  btw strange, I uploaded via A3 plugin i bought for EDD but it reflected on my bandwith on my server??) and some are on my server in wordpress, how do i figure out the proper slug  to use?

    thank you !


    The slug you enter in the CSV is the exact file name of the image, so if your image is image2334.jog, you will enter image2334.jpg in the CSV. The image file needs to be uploaded to the main wp-content/uploads directory.

    Does that make sense?

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