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Subscribing Customers to List Groups in MailChimp

The MailChimp extension for Easy Digital Downloads is the easiest way to get your customers into your MailChimp account. Through the extension, you can easily add an opt-in option to your checkout screen and even automatically subscribe customers to specific lists when they purchase certain products. As of version 2.5, released earlier today, you can

EDD Amazon S3 version 2.1 released with support for Frontend Submissions

Today I am thrilled to announce the long-awaited update to our Amazon S3 extension that introduces integration support for our popular Frontend Submissions extension. Version 2.1 is now available and can be downloaded via automatic update or from your account page. Along with added support for Frontend Submissions, version 2.1 introduces a dramatically improved UI for browsing

How to generate customer invoices

Are you tired of manually generating custom invoices for your customers? The new EDD Invoices extension is here to help you solve that problem. Often due to VAT compliance or strict accounting departments, customers may request an invoice with additional details that you simply cannot collect during the checkout process at least not without making

Version 2.2 Released

Today we are thrilled to announce the official release of Easy Digital Downloads version 2.2. We have been extensively beta testing this release over the last month and are now confident that it is ready for the world.

First version 2.2 release candidate available!

Two weeks ago we announced the first beta version of Easy Digital Downloads 2.2 was ready for testing. Today we are pleased to announce that the first release candidate  for 2.2 is now available and ready for last minute testing before the final release on Tuesday next week. This update contains more than 40 significant improvements and

Version 2.2 beta 1 now available!

Over the last several months, we have been working diligently on Easy Digital Downloads version 2.2 and we are almost ready for everyone to start getting their hands on it. This first beta version is still a little rough around the edges but by letting everyone who wishes to start playing with it now, we can

iOS Earnings / Sales Tracking App Updated to v1.5

Today we are thrilled to announce that version 1.5 of our earnings and sales tracking app for iOS has been updated to version 1.5. This is a major update that includes several new features and a lot of improvements. First and foremost, EDD iOS now supports iPads! Along with adding iPad support, we have added

$10,000 Up for Grabs in Envato’s Most Wanted Competition

On Friday, Envato announced their latest Most Wanted competition. This time it is for themes that provide templates and styling for Easy Digital Downloads. This is a competition for theme developers to help encourage developers to build new themes on top of Easy Digital Downloads. If you have been considering building EDD themes, now would

Stripe Payment Gateway Now Supports Stripe Checkout

Our payment gateway has just been updated to version 2.0 and now includes support for the Stripe Checkout purchase flow. The Stripe Checkout system allows you to embed a credit/debit card form directly onto your product page, allowing your customers to complete their purchase without ever leaving the page. It greatly simplifies the purchasing process, increasing the

New LearnDash integration

LearnDash is a powerful LMS system for WordPress that helps you easily and quickly sell access to your education courses. Over the last few weeks, the Easy Digital Downloads team collaborated with Justin, the owner of LearnDash, to build an integration between the two platforms. Today we are thrilled to announce that the integration is now

Automate your store with Zapier

After several months in development and testing, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our extension that lets you integrate with Zapier, a powerful service that connects your store to over 300 other webapps and services, letting you automate accounting, mailing list subscriptions, sale notifications, and so much more.

Easy Digital Downloads Version 2.1 Released

It has been in development for months, ever since version 2.0 was released in June, and today we are thrilled to announce that Easy Digital Downloads version 2.1 is now available. The update can be downloaded from or from within your WordPress Plugins page. What’s new in version 2.1? Version 2.1 includes 72 distinct

Version 2.1 beta 1 now available for testing

We have been hard at work on Easy Digital Downloads version 2.1 since June, when we released version 2.0, and today we are thrilled to announce that 2.1 is getting very close to being done with the first beta version now ready for testing. 2.1 contains over 65 bug fixes and improvements, some of which are

Changes to Priority Support Pricing

Priority support is a service we offer to all customers that want or need faster, more in-depth support for their issues or questions. Priority support tickets are always at the top of our queue, so they get addressed much more quickly than other tickets. Since priority support is a paid service, we want all priority

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