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New extensions for Summer

It is Summer time here in the US and time to announce the release of several more extensions that can take your digital store to the next level.

Welcoming Sean Davis to the Support Team

Today we are thrilled to welcome Sean Davis as the newest member our support team. Sean has been an active member o the Easy Digital Downloads community for quite sometime now with numerous contributions to the EDD code base, the EDD theme library, and more. Along with Sean’s active contributions to the Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads Version 2.0 Released

Today we are thrilled to announce that Easy Digital Downloads version 2.0 is now available for download and install from your WordPress admin. The mantra for version 2.0 was refinement. Over the last six months, we have spent countless hours working to improve not only major features of the plugin but also the little details. When building

Easy Digital Downloads Version 2.0 Beta 1 Released

Version 2.0 of Easy Digital Downloads has been in development for more than six months and is finally approaching its final release date. Today we’re happy to announce that the first beta version of 2.0 is ready for testers to start playing with. Unlike some of our major releases in the past, EDD 2.0 has

Version 1.9.9 Released

Easy Digital Downloads version 1.9.9 has just been released to the world. This release has been in the works for two months and includes a large number of small improvements and minor bug fixes. 1.9.9 includes several new action hooks and filters that will be useful for developers, including edd_get_variable_prices, edd_is_success_page, and several others. For users, one

Free CSV Manager Now Supports Payment Import

Our  free CSV Manager extension has just received a large update that adds support for importing past payment records from CSV files. For anyone that is wanting to migrate over to Easy Digital Downloads from an existing platform and maintain all past records, this will be an exceptionally useful tool. With version 1.1, there is

Introducing AffiliateWP for Easy Digital Downloads

At Easy Digital Downloads we pride ourselves on always striving to provide simple, easy to use, and high quality products. For the last two years, we have had various plugins available that helped you manage your affiliate marketing system with Easy Digital Downloads. Unfortunately, none of them lived up to our standards, or the standards

iOS sales tracking app updated to version 1.3

Our iOS sales and earnings tracking app has just received a large update for version 1.3. This update introduces more standardized graphics for iOS 7.0+, fixes some annoying bugs with site settings, and introduces a whole new level of support for tracking Commissions.

Give discounts to customers for sharing products through social networks

It is well known that one of the best ways to encourage customers to share your product(s) with others is to offer them an incentive, perhaps in the form of a discount on their purchase. The EDD Social Discounts extension allows you to offer customers an automatic discount on their purchase simply by sharing the

Major Update for GetResponse Extension

The GetResponse extension has just received a major update that introduces a couple of highly-requested features, primarily the ability for customers to be automatically subscribed to certain lists based on what product(s) they purchase. There are several important notes about the update: You can now go to Downloads > Settings > Extensions and disable the checkbox that

Version 1.9.5 released!

EDD version 1.9.5 has just been released to the world! This release includes numerous minor bug fixes and several significant performance improvements, as well as a couple of more severe bug fixes. While this is considered a minor “point” release, we made a significant number of changes, which you can see in the change log

Sign up for the EDD Wish Lists Beta!

Interested in helping beta test EDD Wish Lists? Sign up for the Beta and we will email you when it is ready for testing. Note, we will choose a select few from the list to beta test the plugin; not everyone will be selected. However, EDD Wish Lists will be available for purchase soon! EDD

Software Licensing extension gets major update

Software Licensing, one of our primary extensions, has just received a major update for version 2.4 that introduces some significant new features and dramatically improves on a couple of areas of the plugin. Better Site Management First and foremost, the way the plugin manages site URLs related to license keys has been completely reworked. It

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