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How to Add Customers to Mailchimp at Checkout in WordPress
How to Add Customers to Mailchimp at Checkout in WordPress

Are you trying to grow your email list and boost subscribers on your WordPress eCommerce store? One way is to add customers to Mailchimp at checkout. As one of the most popular and powerful email marketing tools, Mailchimp can help increase signups for your newsletters. With Easy Digital Downloads, you can integrate Mailchimp with your

The Mailchimp EDD extension logo.
MailChimp extension updated for improved eCommerce tracking

The newest version of our MailChimp extension has been released after an extensive beta period. This new version introduces support for many of MailChimp’s latest eCommerce tracking features, giving store owners more valuable insights about the effect email marketing has on their store’s revenue performance. Along with the enhanced eCommerce reporting available, this update also introduces support for many of MailChimp’s automated eCommerce emails, such as order and refund receipts.

The Mailchimp EDD extension logo.
Automating welcome emails with MailChimp and eCommerce360

MailChimp is one of the premier email marketing platforms that offers unmatched control and flexibility, along with exceptionally robust automation and reporting toolsets.
The automation feature of MailChimp provides a simple, yet astronomically powerful system for sending welcome and follow up emails to customers after they complete a purchase on your website.

Subscribing Customers to List Groups in MailChimp

The MailChimp extension for Easy Digital Downloads is the easiest way to get your customers into your MailChimp account. Through the extension, you can easily add an opt-in option to your checkout screen and even automatically subscribe customers to specific lists when they purchase certain products. As of version 2.5, released earlier today, you can

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