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Easy Digital Downloads Documentation
Documentation, Reference Materials, and Tutorials for Easy Digital Downloads Payment Gateway is one of the oldest and largest of the payment gateways.
Easy Digital Downloads has an extension that will allow you to use your account to process payments.


To use with Easy Digital Downloads, you will need::

  • An API Login ID
  • An Transaction Key
  • An Signature Key

1. Installing

To get started with Gateway, the first thing you will want to do is install and activate it on your WordPress site. For instructions on how to install an extension, see this documentation.

2. Enter API Keys

In your EDD store, go to
Downloads → Settings → Payments and find the section. It’ll look like this:

Fill in the API Login ID, Transaction Key and the Signature Key then click the Save Changes button. You can retrieve the API details from your account area on the website. A helpful article about how to generate the API keys is available here: Getting Started Guide

3. Enable Payment Gateway

Once Gateway is installed and activated and the API Keys have been entered you will need to enable it by going to
Downloads → Settings → Payments and enable from the list of available gateways. Once the box is checked, click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

4. Webhook Configuration uses a system called Webhooks to communicate with your store. In order to use you must configure Webhooks properly inside your admin panel at

First log into and go to your Account page and click on Webhooks:

If you have no endpoints configured, you will see an
Add Endpoint button. Once you click that you will see the fields to enter your Endpoint URL just like in the image below:

The most important field is the Endpoint URL which looks like this:

Please be sure to change to your own website domain name.

Canceling Subscriptions

When using, a cancellation may be initiated
either from within EDD or from the Dashboard.

a) From The EDD Admin

To cancel a subscription from the EDD admin, go to
Downloads → Subscriptions and click View on the item you want to cancel.

Then in the bottom of the next screen click the
Cancel Subscription button.

When you cancel a subscription the customer will still have access to their purchased material for as much time as they’ve paid for however their recurring subscription with will be cancelled so they will not be billed again.

Example: The customer paid $10/mo, and you cancel halfway through the month. They still have access to their material for the rest of the month, but they won’t be rebilled, and access will stop at the end of the month.

b) From within the panel

To cancel a recurring subscription from the panel, log into the panel and click
Recurring Billing in the side menu.

Then under
Subscription Status you’ll see a count of Active subscriptions, click that.

Then you’ll see a list of your active subscriptions, with a column of subscription IDs on the left. Click a subscription ID to view it.

Once you’re viewing a subscription, in the top right click the
Edit Subscription link.

Once you’re in the Edit screen for a subscription, click the Cancel Subscription link in the top right.

Canceling Summary

It doesn’t matter if you cancel a subscription in EDD or in, the effect is exactly the same and the customer won’t notice a difference.


At this time, there are 2 options of processing refunds:
– Refunding inside which will automatically mark the payment as refunded in EDD.
– Refunding inside EDD first and then manually refunding inside as well, since this is not done automatically.
To process a refund in EDD read our full documentation on refunds here
To process a refund in, begin by logging into your admin account there, and then click
Transaction Detail in the left bar.
This will bring up a small form where you can pick a transaction type and date range to help you find the proper transaction to refund. Submit this form.
Once you see a list of transactions, find the one you want and click the transaction ID number in the left column.
This will bring up a modal window with transaction details and a Refund button in the top left. Click that refund button and the refund will take place.


If you’ve set up all of the above correctly and are having problems with the payments not getting recorded in Easy Digital Downloads, you may need to do the following:
Check your firewall settings:

If you have a firewall installed on your server, it could be preventing from being able to communicate with your server when it sends the “Silent Post”. recommend whitelisting these IPs on the firewall: