Creating a Customer Account Page

You can easily create an account page for your customers with just two simple shortcodes.

Create a new page and give it a title. For example, “Your Account”

Place the [purchase_history] shortcode inside the account page to show a list of the customer’s previous orders.

On the next line, use the [edd_profile_editor] shortcode to give your customers the option to edit their account information, such as, name, email and password.

Once your page is published, customers will be able to view their purchase history and edit their profile. If a logged-out user accesses the page, they will be presented with a login form.

Your Account


  1. jcpeden

    Excellent work chaps!


  2. Works great! Thanks Chaperinos!


  3. Superb work I was looking for kind of plugin only for my


  4. Hi
    How do people actually download their items???? I tested mine and got a to paypal screen, and the process stopped there – where do people go to retrive the downloads?


  5. Thomas Bass

    I have a question about customer accounts. People that donate money on my website using the WePay plug in are not registered on my site. As of right now that is the way I must have it. If the user uses a CC to donate it works fine. My question is with ACH does the user have to be registered on my site in order to use ACH?

    Also the purchase history will not work for the users of this plug in unless they are registered on my site correct.



  6. Meg

    Hello, and thank you for the solution to create a customer account page. The shortcode for a profile editor is very helpful. However, I anticipate that new users will also be visiting the customer account page that I created. Is there a convenient way to include the same fieldset that is displayed on the checkout page? Ideally, I am asking if there is a shortcode for the fieldset ID “edd_register_fields”?? I believe that this would better address the needs of customers (both current customers and soon-to-be customers) when they visit the customer account page.

    Thank you!



  7. Jon Alsup

    How does someone take the border off the account box and how do you change the text?


  8. Tony

    Can someone explain me how the customer account works?
    When buying an item, user is asked “Personal Info, Email Address, First Name, Last Name”. To me, this doesn’t seem to be creating an account, because when I actually click on “register”, I am asked to choose a username and I am not asked to choose a username on checkout. So it seems that on checkout, even if customer puts his name, he still won’t have an account. So how customers can come back and see their download history, if they were not given a chance to register an account during checkout?


  9. I’m so glad I found this plugin. It is exactly what I needed!

    However, I have the same question as Tony above. How does a customer come back and see their account page when they haven’t created an account on purchase? There is no username or password to login in with. Maybe we’re missing something?



  10. Hello.

    I’m looking at Easy Digital Downloads + multiple add ons for a current client project. This will be a membership +marketplace site. I initially thought we could use Content Restriction add on for membership but now am not sure, as we need a full fledged membership site with multiple levels.

    So my question is — if we use a different membership plugin to create membership levels, I’m thinking we could then add Easy Digital Downloads within the protected membership levels via the shortcodes provided.

    But then it will mean user will need to log in twice — once to access their membership area and another time for easy digital downloads. Perhaps not so ideal…

    So I’m wanting to know if we can we create multiple level membership levels (products) with Content Restriction addon? Think it may be best to keep everything “within” Easy Digital Downloads + addons if possible.

    Thanks, Yael


  11. Oh, sweet, I just discovered that Restrict Content Pro is listed as an addon for Easy Membership Downloads!

    So I think that means I can use Restrict Content Pro to create our membership levels and it will be integrated with Easy Digital Downloads plus all the additional addons we will need.

    So, if we use Restrict Content Pro for membership levels and restrict products to specific membership levels. I’m thinking user will still need to log in twice — once to access their membership level and another time to access products purchased with Easy Digital Downloads.

    Can you just confirm this? I want to give client accurate overview of how membership marketplace will work for them using Restrict Content Pro + Easy Digital Downloads .

    Thanks. Yael


  12. Anjou Guillaume

    Hi Pippin,
    How would you display logged in user name in header of the site not in WP top sidebar ?
    Thank you.


  13. Morgan Roddick

    I’m wondering how I edit the url in the username and password email (I don’t see it under emails in the user interface) that is sent upon registration. I want to create a custom login page and not use wp-login.php. Is there a way to do this?


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