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EDD Slack – Configuring Slack Team Invites


To enable this feature, your own personal Slack User account must have the permissions necessary to Invite Users. This is normally reserved for Slack Team Admins. Similar to Interactive Messages and Webhook URLs, this inherits some capabilities of your Slack User. If you cannot Invite Users, neither can your Slack App.

As of EDD Slack v1.1, the ability to auto-invite Customers to your Slack Team has been added. This requires Interactive Notifications and Slash Commands to have been enabled already.

Once you’ve enabled  Interactive Notifications and Slash Commands, a new button will appear in your EDD Slack settings to enable Slack Team Invites.

Once you click this button, a similar popup window will appear as when you previously set up Interactive Messages and Slash Commands. This is because you need to grant more permissions to your Slack App.

The window that appears will say that you are granting the Slack App the ability to access all content and all events in real time. This is due to the fact that in order to invite Customers and Slack Users, your Slack App needs all of the permissions as a full-blown Slack Client. This is only used for inviting Customers to your Slack Team.

Once this is done some new options appear. This allows you to enable Slack Team Invites for Customers as well as Slack Team Invites for Vendors (If Easy Digital Downloads – Frontend Submissions is active).

All newly invited Slack Users are auto-invited to your #general channel (Or whatever you have renamed it to). However, on this screen you can define additional public channels you would like them to be invited to. It grabs all public channels from your Slack Team for you, so just choose whichever ones you’d like from the dropdown.

The “Join Slack Team Text” field adjusts the text shown when giving a Customer/Vendor the option to be invited to your Slack Team. For Customers it shows on the Checkout page and for Vendors on the Vendor registration page.

You can also manually invite Customers from their Customer Page under the “Tools” tab and, if you are using the  Frontend Submissions extension, Vendors from their Vendor Page under the “Profile” tab in the WordPress Dashboard.