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EDD Slack – Using Slash Commands

EDD Slack features several useful commands which can be run within Slack to retrieve data or create something new within your WordPress site without actually logging in to your site at all.

Slack already includes many useful slash commands which can be very helpful. I find myself using the /remind command almost daily. EDD Slack introduces a few new commands which apply specifically to users of Easy Digital Downloads.

The easiest way to view all of the available slash commands included within EDD Slack is to enter /edd help into Slack. This can be done anywhere and the results will only be visible to you. They will look like this:

*/edd sales*
Description: Show an Earnings Report for the Selected Time Period
Example: `/edd sales this_month`
Option(s): `today`, `yesterday`, `this_week`, `last_week`, `this_month`, `last_month`, `this_quarter`, `last_quarter`, `this_year`, `last_year`
Default: `this_month`

*/edd version*
Description: Outputs the current version of Easy Digital Downloads.
Example: `/edd version`

*/edd discount*
Description: Outputs information about a Discount Code. This can also be used to create new Discount Codes.
    `/edd discount DISCOUNTCODE` - Retrieve information about a Discount Code
    `/edd discount DISCOUNTCODE $3.50` - Create or Update a Discount Code with a Flat Rate Discount
    `/edd discount DISCOUNTCODE 42%` - Create or Update a Discount Code with a Percentage Discount

*/edd customer*
Description: Outputs information about a Customer. You can use either their Customer ID or their Primary Email Address for this command.
    `/edd customer 42`
    `/edd customer`

*/edd help*
Description: Shows this Dialog. Optionally can show the Help Dialog for a Single Command.
Example: `/edd help`
Option(s): `sales`, `version`, `discount`, `customer`
As shown above, the currently included slash commands are:
  • /edd help
  • /edd sales
  • /edd version
  • /edd discount
  • /edd customer