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Frontend Submissions – Tools

Front End Submissions has a number of Import, Export, and Reset tools for FES forms. You can access these options by navigating to EDD FES → Tools. These tools are specifically related to the forms that FES uses, and are for importing, exporting, and resetting the forms.

Import Form

This option will allow you to import a JSON file with the proper settings from an FES form export. With this tool you can move form settings from one site to another or make a backup.

Export Form

This option will allow you to make an export of your form settings, for moving to another site or backing up.

Reset Form

This option allows you to select a form and reset it to the default fields and options that it came with.

Reset All Forms

This option is similar to the Reset Form option except it resets all FES forms to their default fields and options.

Reset Meta For All Forms

Front End Submissions 2.3 added meta information to forms. This option resets all of that information, and should not be used without first consulting with EDD support.

Delete Extraneous Forms

This action deletes all FES Forms which are not assigned to a form in the FES Settings Panel. 

Import Pre-FES 2.4 Settings

This option allows you to take a form settings JSON file from a version of FES older than 2.4 and import them. This should only be done as part of a restore process in the event that migrating from pre-2.4 to 2.4 causes issues.

Export Pre-FES 2.4 Settings

This option allows you to export pre-2.4 settings so that you may re-import them during a migration.

Recount Vendor Statistics

This option allows you to recount Vendor earnings, sales, and download counts.