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Recurring Payments – Subscription Emails

Recurring Payments has the ability to send a number of emails to customers related to events such as payments made, payments failed, and subscription cancellations. This article will cover them all, as well as how to use them.

To get to the emails settings navigate to Downloads → Settings → Emails → Recurring Payments.

Each email can have a custom message and can include email tags to pull in dynamic information.

None of the emails are required, each can be enabled individually.

Note for stores using Software Licensing

If you are using both Recurring Payments and Software Licensing, while the subscription is active, only Recurring Subscription emails are sent. See How are email notifications for license keys with subscriptions are handled? for more details.

Renewal Payment Received

This email can be sent to customers each time a recurring payment is made. The store owner can set a subject and the message body.

Payment Failed

This email can be sent to customers when a recurring payment fails to be processed. The store owner can set a subject and the message body.

Subscription Cancelled

This email can be sent to customers when their subscription is canceled. Without this email, it’s possible they may not realize it has been canceled, if it has been canceled because of payment failure, etc. The store owner can set a subject and the message body.

Reminder Emails

The store owner may also set up some scheduled reminder emails to go to the customer, alerting them to either impending expiration or renewals.

Emails may be scheduled with these options

  • The day of the renewal/expiration
  • One day before renewal/expiration
  • Two days before renewal/expiration
  • Three days before renewal/expiration
  • One week before renewal/expiration
  • Two weeks before renewal/expiration
  • One month before renewal/expiration
  • Two months before renewal/expiration
  • Three months before renewal/expiration
  • One day after expiration
  • Two days after expiration
  • Three days after expiration
  • One week after expiration
  • Two weeks after the expiration
  • One month after expiration
  • Two months after the expiration
  • Three months after the expiration

Renewal Reminders

Renewal Reminders can be emailed to customers as a courtesy to alert them that their renewal date is approaching.

To enable renewal reminders, check the box for Send Renewal Reminders. Recurring Payments comes with one reminder built in, you may edit and use it, or delete it. You may also click Send Test Email for testing. You may also click Add Renewal Reminder and add as many as you wish.

Expiration Reminders

Expiration Reminders work exactly like Renewal Reminders but are intended to alert the customer that their subscription has expired, and include information on how they can renew.

Subscription Cancelled Email for Admins

Emails can be sent to the site owner/admin when a subscription is canceled. 

Email Template Tags

Within your emails, you may use template tags to display dynamic information. These are the available template tags:

  • {name} The customer’s name
  • {subscription_name} The name of the product the subscription belongs to
  • {expiration} The expiration or renewal date for the subscription
  • {amount} The recurring amount of the subscription

These tags can be placed into the Rich Text Editor of any email template for Recurring Payments. Example: